Head Over Heels   January 5, 2000
Dear Jeff,

Sometimes it is hard to believe we have come this far. The past seven years have flown by and I can barely remember my life with out you. In the beginning it was a whirlwind romance that took us both by surprise and that brought us to where we are now. We would be lying if we said it had been easy. I thought that first year we were married would end in divorce, thankfully Tony, our marriage counselor came into our lives, and we were able to look past the hurt and pain and establish a partnership that I have come to treasure.

With your guidance and support I have found who I am and learned a great deal about who that person is. You have given me the freedom to explore a variety of avenues without judgement or cynicism. I know I'm not that nineteen year old girl you met seven years ago, and I hope that you aren't disappointed. I know in the past I let my attention drift from our relationship and I was focused on other things. You were supportive and remained with me through those terrible times, and I will always be grateful for that.

Maybe I don't say it enough, or show it through my actions the way I should but I am head over heels in love with you and have been for quite some time now. I can't imagine being with any other man. You always have my best interests at heart and you love me, faults and all. You have given me the life I always dreamed of, and something really beautiful and magical has come from our love, Elizabeth.

I love you.

Forever yours,


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