Cherish what is given

October 21, 1999


Today Mr. and Mrs. Cool had their baby at 11:40am. His name is Nikolas and as soon as Jeff gets home I am going to go up to the hospital to see him. Mrs. Cool says he looks just like his father and that he is eating like a champ. I can't wait to hold him in my arms and to see his tiny features. It's been a long time since I held a baby that small in my arms and I know that once I see him my desire to have another child will increase a hundred fold. I asked if there was anything that she wanted me to pick up before I came up there and she said that she wanted a bag of peanut M&Ms. I really hope that they make the decision for me to keep him. It would be nice to have a baby around the house and a chance for Elizabeth to get used to another child in the house, even if it is only part of the time.


It looks like I may have already found a home for Vanity. I spoke to one of my neighbors today that said that if she wasn't pregnant she would take her. I am going to take her to a SPCA sponsored vet clinic on Saturday where they will give her all her vaccinations (seven in all) and deworm her for $25. While we are there I am going to ask the vet if he believes she is pregnant. If she is the SPCA said they would help me get the kittens into PetSmart when they are six -eight weeks old.

I spoke in great length with a volunteer at the SPCA today about volunteering. She said that with PetSmart you have to do call backs when pets are adopted and track them for one year to make sure they are complying with the agreement you sign when you adopt. The SPCA also does this when they go other adoption routes as well and that you can do call backs from home. I've always wanted to do something to help the SPCA out since I have always adopted stray cats and now I have the opportunity.

When I talked to Ginger with SPCA, she gave me the background on Thunder. He was abandoned when he was four weeks old and was in a litter of five. Some boys on four wheelers found them in the woods after almost running over the box. One of the boys took the kittens home to his mother and she bottle fed them until they were six weeks old. The lady who had them gave tow of the kittens away but couldn't find homes for the other three so she called the SPCA. Ginger then took in the kittens for two weeks until they were placed at a Vets office to be tested for disease and receive their vaccinations. After that was completed they were then taken to PetSmart. I'm really glad that someone had a heart and took the kittens in and bottle fed them. Thunder is a really sweet cat, though a little wild, and I just hate knowing someone dumped him in the woods to die. Some folks have no heart.


Late this afternoon I went and saw Mrs. Cool and the new baby. Mother and baby were doing great. He was beautiful with dark brown hair, a perfectly round face and dimples in both cheeks. Holding him was a delight and a rush of emotions just flooded me as I looked into his eyes. I'm ready, I'm ready to be pregnant again, ready to give birth and nurse. Walking through labor and delivery gave me a since of hope that I can get pregnant and have a healthy baby again. Mrs. Cool looked wonderful and was up walking around, eating, and being chatty. Her husband went to pick up the baby's godfather at the airport and we had some time to sit and chat alone. She thanked me for taking care of the dog and bringing her her favorite candy. During the conversation I worked in whether or not I was going to keep the baby when she goes back to work, she assured me that she still wanted me too. She also talked about how she had been stressed and how happy she was that the baby was finally here. Last week I was so worried that I had done something to make her mad, today I felt reassured that it was just me being paranoid, which in a way is a very good thing.

On my way home guess what happen, I almost ran over the black and white cat. Trailing behind her were two little kitties like the one that fell in the drainage hole. I jumped out of the truck, scrambling like a mad woman to catch them. I brought them home and noticed that they both have gook in their eyes and one of them had an eye that was completely shut. I quickly introduced them to Vanity (the grey and white cat) who acted so happy to see them. She purred as she licked them and even nursed them. I was hoping that they were able to eat dry cat food since that was all I had. Both kitties, that looked about four weeks old, ate the food like they had not eaten in a week. I kept wiping the little kitty's eye that was shut with a warm rag and I finally got enough stuff off of it that it finally opened. I'm calling the vet in the morning and taking both of the kittens in because of their runny eyes. I think they have some sort of infection, plus I want to know what I can do about getting them healthy.

Elizabeth doesn't know what to think about the last twenty four hours. We went to 2 cats to 5 overnight. Jeff was a little surprised by at all, and has now deemed me an official cat woman. He keeps hinting that he wants to keep the mother cat, but I'm not sure if that would be a good idea. I guess I could give it some thought.

PS I need names for the two kittens, they are both black and white and one look like he has a Zorro mask on. They are both girls, I think, its so hard to tell we they are that small.

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