Under The Moon
The sun is shining



Reading: Absolutely nothing

Watching:Absolutely nothing

Listening:Tori Amos to venus and back

Eating: Pork chops, mashed potatoes, and corn muffins


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The gods smiled upon me today.

I slept well, woke up under cool, crisp sheets feeling refreshed and ready for the day. I had to take my grandfather to the doctor again today for his flu shot. It took an hour and a half for them to finish up with him, so Elizabeth and I walked across the street to window shop. I decided to walk us into a small shop called a "Bit of England" and was presently surprised by what was inside. It was full of all types of indulgements that women enjoy, teas and bath and body items and candles. I'll be sure to tell Jeff about the shop come Christmas time because the shop owner sold Crabtree and Evelyn products that I really love.Elizabeth and I also toured a recycle book shop. She found the row of books interesting to run up and down but all I saw was cheap, trashy romance novels, not exactly my idea of a good read.

After taking my grandfather home, Elizabeth and I headed to the mall to get some lunch. I decided to actually go to "real" restaurant with her, instead of the food court or fast food joints. We walked into Ruby Tuesdays, and actually had a very pleasant meal. In fact I had a lot of fun coloring with her before our meal arrived and then sharing a large plate of chicken tenders and fries with her. Then we headed to Target, one of my favorite places to shop. I walked up and down the aisles lusting after things I wanted for the house: new comforter set for the guest room, a Stiffel lamp, a mirror, several framed prints, and a variety of candle holders. I wrote down a list of things I wanted and the price and the total came to be over four hundred dollars. I told Jeff that if everything goes as planned to take care of the Cool's baby I am going to start purchasing the things for the house. The walls are naked and I am kind of embarrassed that our living room, even with new furniture looks so plain. Luckily I got out of Target with very little damage to my pocket book. I bought a pack of diapers, some Halloween candy and the new Tori Amos CDs, To Venus and Back.

Elizabeth fell asleep on the way home from Target so I decided to go spend some adult time with Mrs. Cool and left Elizabeth in the car to take a nap (the windows were rolled down and she was in my view at all times). Mrs. Cool and I chatted about new babies and how she was liking motherhood the second time around. We also talked about the new neighborhood and all the pregnant women and babies that are moving onto our street.While I was down there she brought up that her breasts were swelling and her milk was coming in. She has elected not to breastfeed, and she wanted to know what she could do to stop the milk from coming in. I told her binding them and taking parsley capsules was the only thing I knew of. I happen to have some parsley capsules at the house and told her that once Jeff came home I would bring them down to her and we could bind her breasts up.

A few hours later, I was down at Mrs. Cool's house binding her breasts which ended up being a funny production. She didn't have an old sheet so her mother-in-law split an old table cloth with fruit on it. We pinned a strip to her bra and then with all my might I pulled the cloth as tight as I could around her breast going around her several times. I know she was in a lot of pain, even though we were laughing at the way things looked.

Guess you need to be there. <g>


Watched Ally last night and boy did Calista Flockhart look like shit. The girl needs to put on some weight, along with Jennifer Anniston. Calista looked so much better when Ally first came out and when she was in the Birdcage. She looked normal and healthy, now she looks like someone who has a terminal illness. V--- and I always would get into arguments about the way Calista looked. She would say she looked great and that there was nothing wrong with her appearance. I think anyone who thinks these toothpick looking chics are healthy and normal have some serious image problems. Back before Jeff, when I was with Chris (the 3 year long relationship) I practically starved myself to become this thin person he wanted me to be. One hundred and forty five pounds was fat to him. It didn't matter that I was a big boned, 5' 10 woman. I lost down to 125lbs. I worked out twice a day and was cycling three times a week, and I barely ate. He ranted and raved on how well I looked but when I saw my self in the mirror I could no longer see me. My hip bones protruded out, my rib cage as noticeable, and my face was so thin and cheek bones so prominent that I looked as if I was always making a fish face. Not only did I look bad, I felt bad too. My hair fell out in clumps, I ached, and if I ever ate a large meal I would get sick to my stomach. I've shown Jeff some pictures of myself at that size. He looks disgusted when he sees them and can hardly believe that it's me in the picture.


It's baby making time again. Jeff and I are off hiatus and now back to fucking like rabbits. Of course we need to pace ourselves in all our hornyness and keep it to an every other day occurrence. Supposedly a man's sperm count is higher the month of November so I'm hoping this cycle will be the one.

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