Under The Moon

A Taste In My Mouth  10.30.99

No entry yesterday. I didn't feel like writing and after that last entry I decided to give myself a day fo rest. I thought of pulling the entry actually, but decided to leave it...for now. Things are now calmer on diary-l, so all is well in the world of online journals until the next big contreversial topic comes up.

Last night, Stacy and her ex-boyfreind Eddie came over to carve pumpkins and watch movies. I was a little shocked when she called and asked if she could bring him over after everything that has hapened between them.

Things have not been going well between Jeff and I the last few weeks. There has been a lot of tension, not to mention a lot of argueing. I'm not sure what is going on, but I can tell you that I've been really upset over the way our relationship has been as of late. I feel a definite distance and it is like we can not seem to understand each other. I'm hoping this passes soon.

Tomorrow is my annual Chili/Halloween Party. I've been cooking since last night. So far I have made nine dozen chocolate chip cookies, four punpkin pies, and two different batches of chili -- one with beans and one without. I have two dips, brownies, and stuffed mushrooms to make before noon tomorrow.

I've watched Practical Magic twice today and listen to Sarah McLaughlin's Mirrorball CD six times.

Do I sound depressed?

I have 18 more days to get pregnant to have a baby during Jeff's summer break.

I'm wondering if we will have sex tonight.

Nineteen more days until our trip to Orlando.

I emailed another journaler my phone number and they haven't emailed me since. I wonder if I freaked them out.

Jeff found out today that he will only have class on Monday and Wednesday nights next semester and will only be taking one class in the summer.

I haven't read a good book in almost two months.

I think I better go before I bore all of you.

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