Spinning and Spinning


FrontPage still isn't working right and Tripod still sucks. Until this is all straightened out you will keep seeing this simple and boring black and white them I have going on.

On my quest to find more journal reads I have discovered a few things about the online journal community. The first is that most people who have journals online really suck at writing. I've come across some really great well written journals but mostly I've read unintelligible garbage. I think my journal falls somewhere in between. I have put out really great entries, but some are just totally and utterly horrible. I've also noticed that some of the more popular journals are popular only because they have been around since the beginning, their lives are totally off the wall, or the "popular" journal writers promote that journal. I recently attempted to read a very popular journal (that will remain nameless) and found that not only did it completely bore me but that the writing out right sucked. I'm usually not that critical of other OLJs because I am aware that mine is far from being popular or even really good.

I've also noticed that in the OLJ community that some us know what is going on and some if us don't. I have to tell you that I am one of those who is totally unaware of what is going on. When I read on diary-l or come across in other journals about feuds, arguments, and criticisms going back and forth I am in the dark. I'm not saying these thinks don't peek my interest, I'm just saying that most the time I'm clueless. I guess this is a demonstration of how far removed I am from the OLJ community even though I participate and read dairy-l and journal-l.

I'm rambling.

I've had little luck completing my "to do list" today. This is not entirely my fault. One of the construction workers across the street decided to be a complete dumb ass and sever a gas line. At first I though they might have turned my gas off because my bill was a few days late ( I lost last months bill and when I called they said a new bill would be arriving soon). I called and the lady on the other end assured me that my gas had not been turned off, that they didn't turn gas off unless your bill was sixty days behind. She said she would send someone out this way to see what the problem was and an hour later the problem was found. So its been a few hours now and I can't run the dishwasher, the washing machine, the gas dryer, cook, or even take a shower. I had nothing for Jeff to really do so he left for the computer lab.

Tomorrow I will be placing an ad in the newspaper for the remaining kittens. I really am thinking about getting rid of Thunder, the grey kitten I purchased from the SPCA. Since Sunday he has done some terrible evil things: scratch my new furniture, pee on my brand new clothes, and pee on my bed TWICE. This will definitely get you expelled from our family. He's a cute little kitten and he is a good lap cat but I just can't tolerate this kind of behavior. I know he will eventually grow out of it (or will he, after reading about Tess's cat maybe not) but I can't wait for him to destroy our new home in the mean time. I'm already upset that there are several stains on the chair and ottoman and not until I have some dry cleaning solution I will not be able to get them out. Luckily I got the five year warranty so if the stains don't come out, the chair and ottoman will get replaced.

I'm ready for the weekend, even though I have a long list of things to do to get ready for the Disney Trip. My brother's best friend is getting married Saturday night to the girl my brother fixed him up with five years ago, and the entire family will be there. It will be a bitter sweet occasion for our family. Also I can't wait to see "the BIG" boxing fight Saturday night. Can you guess who I am cheering for?

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