November 17, 1999

Its been a hit and miss kind of day.

I left out early to do my to do list. The first thing was to go to Target and get a refund on the comforter and bedding I bought last week. Once we were there I foolishly got Elizabeth out of the car and let her stand beside me as I got the bags out of the truck. Before I knew she darted out into the parking lot and I grabbed her just as a car approached. It scared the begeezes out of me. For a few minutes I held her tight, trying to fight back the tears of relief. I'm usually such a smarter parent. Once composed I explained that we don't leave mommy's side or dart out into the street because we could get hit be a car, which would be very bad and hurt. Then she started crying and cried until we got into Target. Then we were on to the Disney store where I picked out a journal to keep a diary of our trip and my entries for this journal and the autographs from the characters we meet. Elizabeth was finished with crying and had a good time playing in the store and singing Disney songs. From then on out however she held my hand and I didn't have to force her.

Once we were on the road again, I was almost hit by on old folks driver who was swerving all over the road in a tank. A police car followed the guy for over a mile and didn't pull him over, so I decided to follow the old geezer. Lucky for me he lived in my Dad's neighborhood, where I was headed anyway. My Dad was home from work and he helped me load up all of Mom's Christmas stuff into the back of the truck. He had told me on Tuesday that he was no longer going to be decorating for Christmas and that I could have as many of the decorations that I wanted.

While I was there I learned that my headmaster from highschool has about five more days to live. I think my dad was trying to get some sympathy from me, because not only was he the headmaster at highschool but had been a neighbor for almost sixteen years. The thing is I do not feel sorry for him and will be glad when the world is rid of him. You probably think I'm now some horrible bitch but this man ruined children's lives. He is a child molester. He was never convicted but there were dozens of filed reports and investigations but when it got down to prosecuting the parents decided not to pursue it because of the children or he was able to make some sort of agreement outside of the courts. The first time he was accused was when I was eight and he lost his job as the children's minister at our church for inappropriate behavior with some preteen boys. I might also mention that he never married and up until three years ago had young boys living with him at his home, ranging from age nine to fourteen. He then started teaching again and was later asked to resign because several parents complained that he inappropriately touched several of the elementary children, and was soon after that he got the headmaster job at the private school I attended. For years there were rumors of him fondling young boys, hiding in the boys locker room and watching them shower, and that he took some students home with him on weekends that soon became his favorites in our school. My junior year after three different sets of parents filed complaints with CPS and with the school board he was asked to resign. At first he refused, but after an investigation got underway he took the offer and resigned. Since that time he really didn't work much, wandered from job to job, but this didn't keep him from having young boys stay at his home for long periods of time. So now he is dying, and has been a long drawn out death too with lots of suffering, and even though I hate cancer and suffering I can't but somehow feel he deserves it.

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That was pathetic.

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