11.23.99  Do Disney or Die

Words of wisdom about the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World. Its a wonderful book but the advice on how to plan your day is a bit hard to do when you have a party of ten. Also if you have small children and you have drug them around all day to look at displays and ride attractions taken them to watch parades and fireworks at nine PM may not be the wisest thing to do. When it stops being fun for them, it stops being fun for you.

This morning we started our day at Animal Kingdom and we got mixed reviews about it. We heard that it was not one of Disney's better parks and that it couldn't compare to Busch Gardens. Boy was that the case about compared to Busch Gardens. Animal Kingdom was great and we wished we had planned to spend a whole day there. It was enchanting and the safari tour was really great. The attractions were fun for the kids and the lines were short, and the Tree of Life was worth paying the admission into the park to see it. I can't wait to see the pictures I took.

After finishing up at Animal Kingdom mid day we ate lunch at the Rain Forest Cafe and the food was excellent and all of us loved the special effects and the atmosphere inside. I definitely think that eating at the RFC is a must if you visit Disney. Our meal was incredibly expensive but everyone thought it was worth it. We also thought that $215 for ten people who ordered meals, drinks and desserts was actually a bargain, and that included the tip!

We went home a for a few hours after Animal Kingdom to rest up and decided to go on to Epcot instead of MGM like we originally planned. At Epcot we decided to do Future World and ride as many rides as possible and then catch the parade and fireworks. We had packed sandwiches, chips, and drinks to eat for dinner to help save money. ( I must add that outside food or drink is not allowed at the parks but we packed snacks, lunches and drinks everyday! hehee) Jeff really enjoyed Epcot but it is definitely more adult oriented than child oriented and we wished that we could have gotten to see more of the exhibits but it was so time consuming. We did get to ride five attractions and see the Circle Life film which I was satisfied with but my brother-in-law whined like a big baby because he wanted to look at the exhibits. You think for an almost forty year old man he would grow up and get over himself. We stayed for the parade and Illuminations which I believe was a bad idea. The kids were whiney, my dad was tired and his legs hurt (he is disabled) and we were all tired by my sister and my brother-in-law insist that we stay. Both girls (MsEm and Elizabeth) feel asleep and the boys were cranking. Illuminations was really spectacular but when you have whiney children and sore feet the fun and the excitement of it all fades very rapidly.

On the way home my borther-in-law gets us lost for the second time today and Jeff is extremely aggravated with his poor driving skills and driving etiquette. We didn't get home until after eleven so I don't even know if Bobbi tried calling or not. Hopefully I will get a chance to talk to her tomorrow.


Highlights from today:

the safari tour and getting to see the animals close up

a bug's life attraction

the Tree of Life

Observing all the little extras that Disney includes to make your trip magical

Spaceship Earth was Jeff''s favorite attraction today at Epcot, The Land attraction was mine


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