11.24.99 The Oldest Child

I just don't know why my sister stays with my asshole brother-in-law. I think he thought this vacation was supposed to be centered around him and what he wanted and not for the family. Not only has he gotten us lost on three different occasions but we had to wait on him for over an hour before leaving for MGM. Let me tell you what happen.

This morning we went to Epcot when it opened and road Test Track and then we went on to see this attraction called Energy. After we finished that we headed towards the countries so we could get there when they opened up the World Showcase at eleven. We ended up waiting all of fifteen minutes and the entire time he bitched because he wanted to see all the displays in Innoventions in Future World. We worked counter clockwise viewing the countries and went through them pretty rapidly, finally settling down to eat lunch in Italy. Our meal was wonderful and Jeff and I talked about coming back to Disney without Elizabeth so we could see more of the adult oriented things Disney had to offer. We just browsed the countries because the children were bored and most of it was commercialism anyway. After lunch we went to America and watched an animated attraction about our country which was grossly incorrect and sugar coated every harsh thing that has happened in this country. My sister actually slept through it and Elizabeth also fell asleep.

Since time was creeping up on us we decided to head on back to Future World and split up giving the others in our party time to look at the displays they so desperately wanted to see. K---, my sil, Jeff, my dad and the girls and I all went shopping, looking for various souvenirs. We had a meeting place and the time set for 3:30, so we could head to MGM and catch all the shows we wanted to see. At 3:40 my sister and brother-in-law were spotted in the Legacy line. I was a little aggravated and walked over to ask my sister what were they doing. She then went on to tell me that he wanted to get their picture done to be carved into marble for the new millenium to be displayed at the front of Epcot and that it shouldn't take more than a few minutes. NOT! We didn't leave Epcot until 4:30 and because he got us lost for the fourth time on our way to MGM we didn't arrive until after five. I was so pissed because most of the shows and attractions close at five. I know my sister knew I was pissed because I suggested we split up and just see them later on at the house. So Jeff, K---, the girls and I split off from them and went on to see The Little Mermaid which was the only show we really got to see. It was really excellent and the girls seem to really enjoy it. After that we decided to head home where I hoped to talk to Bobbi and get the chance to finally meet her.

At the house I prepared brunch eggs for breakfast the next morning only to discover my brother-in-law had eaten some of the eggs that had been reserved for the recipe, but I made it anyway hoping it didn't effect the taste or the way it would cook. It wasn't long before I was able to speak to Bobbi and she gave me directions to where she was staying. K---, had to go to the Wal-mart so she is going to tag along with me. I need to go freshen up because Bobbi mentioned something about taking my picture.



Highlights from today:

Eating in Italy

Elizabeth not liking Snow White

riding Test Track

seeing the Little Mermaid at MGM

Having a few hours of peace from my sister's kids and husband

Fixing to go meet Bobbi!


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