11.27.99 Woman Lost In Space
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Today while driving I saw a cardboard box message taped to a u-haul it said "Man Lost In Space", and I thought it was a perfect phrase for the days events, except I was thinking "Family Lost In Florida".

I WILL never listen to my sister or my brother-in-law's directions again for as long as I live. They are either complete idiots or cannot read a map tp save their life. They gave me directions out of Orlando because we were not leaving as a group and an hour later I read a road sign that said Daytona Beach 43 miles and I about flipped out. For the past hour I had driven an hour out of the way in a totally oppsite direction. Jeff and I studied the map in a KFC parking lot and decided to take some back roads to Ocala where we could get on I-75, two hours later and lots of cussing and ranting and raving we were headed in the right direction. Thankfully the children were good and slept four hours in the afternoon.

After dropping K--- and MsEm off we drove home to be greeted by our neighbors and all their Christmas decorations. So tomorrow I have lots of catching up to do. I need to catch up reading all the papers I missed, email, journal reading, journal writing, snail mail, phone calls I missed and decorating for Christmas. I'm off to bed, and I'm thnakful it is my own.