Under The Moon

Tuesdays Are My Mondays


I've had better mornings.

I was abruptly awaken at 6:45am by Jeff to let me know that one of the pumpkins exploded on the breakfast table and all over the kitchen floor. He incessantly bitched as I laid in bed and took my temperature. As I was taking the thermometer out of mine I heard him exclaim "oh shit" followed by a hearty "god damn" in the bathroom. Thunder had not shit once but three times in  our closet and Jeff had stepped in it. He already hates that cat and now he really does. I crawled out of bed, still in my birthday suit and cleaned up the shit in the closet, then I moved onto the bigger things, the pumpkin guts in the kitchen. As I sit and write this I can smell a poop diaper to be changed. What a lovely morning it has been.


Right now things are not going so well with me personally. On the outside my life seems wonderful, I have everything I could have hoped for: a new house, a great husband, a wonderful daughter, very little debt, and great friends, but I'm feeling dissatisfied with myself and with my life. Right now my marriage is in a funk, there is no romance, very little sex and not enough good conversation. I find myself struggling to communicate with him. Some evenings I feel like not even being in the same room with him. The last few months have really done a number on us, and I'm hoping we can recover. I'm feeling enormously fat, even though I haven't gained any weight. I'm the biggest girl on the street and its made me very self conscious of the way I look. Even walking and eating better has no effect on my weight and Mrs. Cool suggested I take Metabolife. I don't even know what the shit is but there are six people on the street taking it right now. Not getting pregnant is taking its toll on me too. I just found out that there is another pregnant couple moving in on the street. Mrs. Cool and Kathy keep telling me that it is going to happen "soon". They really have no clue what it means "to try and get pregnant." My writing is becoming increasingly important to me too. I'm not satisfied with it, and often feel its not good enough. I'm not just talking about here in the journal but in other areas. I want to be able to express myself more clearly and write in a way that would attract more readers. Finding the time is often my problem, but being focused without outside influences would also help.

I recently came up with a great idea for an internet based business but have no idea on how to implement it or get it going. I really would like to own a business that would be internet based and this is one of the best ideas I've had so far. Yesterday I spent some time searching the net to see if my idea had been implemented yet and it hadn't. Too bad I don't have a marketing degree with e-commerce experience.

There are so many things I want to do to the house and do in the decorating department. This week I'm going to start on the kitchen. I'm going to go out and buy the paint and hang up the pictures I bought several weeks ago and this weekend I am going to go to JoAnn's and Hancocks to look at fabrics to recover the chairs and do valances. I really would like the kitchen completed by Christmas time. There is also a wine cabinet I want to get at the Silk Tree Factory to put in the corner of the breakfast room. If Ed spends $100 each on us this Christmas I am going to take the $200 for Jeff and I and buy it. I've also decided to make a list of the things I picked out at Target the other day and use that as my Christmas list to my family. So much to do, so little money.


The Disney trip is right around the corner. I'm trying to figure out how much money we should actually take and how much we are willing to put on the credit card. I really do not want to spend more than $500 total. I'm not sure how much available cash we will have, I know it will not be allot, and I'm guessing that money is going to be going towards food. I've decided to make some snacks myself because we really do not have the money to buy the processed, prepackaged foods. I was thinking of going and buying some new shoes, and I might, and some clothes for the trip but have decided to hold off.

Planing for this trip is a production in and of itself. We have gotten the tickets for all the parks and now we are thinking of doing a character breakfast. If its expensive and my dad is not going to pay for it then Jeff and I may not go. Elizabeth is actually a little young to remember any of it anyway, and I'd rather spend the money somewhere else. There is a Christmas shop and Winnie the Pooh store that I really want to go to. I want to buy ornaments for each of us and one to celebrate moving into our new house. I'm also going to try and finish up some Christmas shopping while I am there.


I've been setting goals at the beginning of each month for Under The Moon. Last month it was to have over twenty entries, twenty members to the notify list, and to get into three webrings. Well, I did write twenty entries, and I have nineteen members on the notify list. If you haven't joined the notify list, please do so. It will make me very happy. I did get into one webring, Journeys, got denied by another one, and the other two I never even heard back from. This month my focus is on burbs, updating regularly, and increasing my readership.



Well, for the last three hours I have had no phone. The phone is my life line to the outside world, not only is it a means for me to communicate with adults but also my connection to the cyber world. It cut out right as I was visiting the Mobile Public Library online. I was going to see if they had some books I am interested reading and go ahead and reserve them so when I get there I wouldn;t have to wander all over the library with a toddler in tow. Having the library catalog online is a lifesaver because Elizabeth just doesn't do well in places like the library. While I was there though I was going to look into getting her, her own library card and get the schedule for Story Book Time.

While the telephone has been out I was paying bills, cleaning up pumpkin guts, spraying carpet cleaner on cat shit stains, and trying to figure out how in the hell I set up this video cam. I've had it for four months now and I think its about time I set it up and figure out how it works. I'm not sure if I am ready to use it in connection to my journal since I don't always look so great, and I often sit here barely dressed. I like being able to sit here in my underwear, with my hair all pulled up and nasty looking, eating and drinking whatever I feel like. Also, I'm afraid some first morning shots of what I look like may scares some readers away.


Candy and toddlerhood do not mix. Read that sentence again. We rarely give Elizabeth candy. One of the reasons we choose to do this is because its not good for her and secondly I don;t want he to become a sugar addict. Well, now we have a bucket full of candy and she is completely fascinated. She carries the bucket all around the house, often dumping the candy out onto the floor and inspecting it and dropping it back in. She occasionally ask one of us to unwrap her a piece of candy for her to munch on. She is hooked on lollipops. This is not a good thing with a child who has hair that has grown down the middle of her back. Slobber goes everywhere, sticky, gooey nastiness gets all over her face, hands, clothes and her hair. Then she screams bloody murder for me to get it off her. I'm thinking that tonight when she goes to bed some of that candy may mysteriously disappear.

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