11.30.99 Wishful Thinking

Tomorrow I am going to be taking three of the cats, Mama Cat and her two remaining kittens to the vet to be tested. I'm hoping that they are going to test negative, but I know this is only wishful thinking. I've cried over this whole situation but I don't think Jeff fully understands what is going to happen if they all test positive. My main concern is how to tell Elizabeth.

Yesterday I was catching up on my email when I read Al from Nova Notes email reguarding his son Jamie. I sat stunned, and though I haven't lost a child to death I knew the profound sadness that he and his wife must feel losing someone so suddenly. I've reflected a good deal in the journal about death and I know it has helped heal me. I hope that Al and his family find some healing and peace in all this.

It will not be long now before all the Christmas decorations are up and the actual holiday will be here. I'm actually looking forward to Christmas this year and the New Year.

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