Dampen Spirit


I must be a complete fool for asking my mother-in-law to come and visit this weekend. By Saturday morning I was ready for her to leave because she was annoying me with her incessant jabbering. She just lavishes the attention on Elizabeth, which is what grandmother's do but in the process she underminds my role as her mother. She praises Jeff on what a wonderful "daddy" he is and how much Elizabeth is like him. She rambles how she looks like him and acts like he did when he was that age. It makes me sick, mainly because she does it to the point that it hurts my feelings.

When Jeff's mother is around you would think I was just the nanny or the baysitter who has played no role in creating and taking care of this child. Yes, Elizabeth looks like her father but as she gets older she is starting to look more like me and my neice MsEm. Elizabeth's personality is nothing like Jeff's. Her personality is a complete reflection of the four generations of women in my family: stubborn, bossy, confident, and loving. Her personality right now is a complete reflection of what mine was at three years old and MsEm's. I know his mother is trying to connect to her granddaughter because she is the only biological grand child she has but she does it to the point that it even bothers Jeff.

Yesterday Jeff and I escaped from the madness and went across the bay tot eh outlet center to shop for him some clothes. We ended up buying him a pair of jeans and a shirt, matching shirts for us to wear at Busch Gardens from Banana Republic, and I bought eight or nine things from the Elisabeth outlet. My wardrobe for the fall/winter season is complete minus some new shoes and panty hose. We ate lunch while we were there at a place called Lambert's. If you are ever on your way to Gulf Shores, Alabama stop in there and eat. I promise you will enjoy the food and atmosphere.

After we got home it wasn't long before I was wanting to pull my hair out, so I went next door to visit the Beaters. Her mother was in town and her sister. We actually sat around and talked and I had a nice time. Mrs. Beater is a really nice person and she is fun to be around because we have similar hobbies its just her religious snobbery and the hitting of her children just make me want to avoid her. Her sister, Robin, I really liked. Robin will be moving in with them at the end of the week while she goes to school. She seems like an interesting person to get to know.


I officially have all my Christmas shopping done for the children in our family. I went to ToysRUs when they opened this morning and was able to get some really good buys. I only have a few other things to buy for everyone else. I feel relieved to have almost all my Christmas shopping finished. I'm hoping this will give us the time to do more activities around the holidays and devote more time to decorating the house.






























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