December 17, 1999 

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This is probably one of those entries I shouldn't be writing. One I may regret later on should Stacy come across it and find that I have written an entire entry about her. I'm thinking it may not matter since she now has an online journal of her own and she knows how blunt I am. The last few weeks we haven't been talking as much, I'm not sure why, though I believe some of it has to do with her work and probably part of it is she doesn't want to hear my opinion or thoughts on this guy she is seeing.

Stacy has gone through a lot this year, and I have to say that over the past year she has really matured alot but when it comes to men, and I'll add raunchy bad men, she is completely blind. The current beau is this guy named Hugh. I've never met him, but I already think he is worse than dried up dog shit. Pretty judgmental right? Well, when I tell you a little bit about him you'll understand why.

My first huge problem with him is the fact he has repeatedly lied to her, especially in the beginning of the relationship. Most of these lies centered around his involvement with another woman. My second huge problem with him is that he committed a federal crime and was found guilty. My third problem with him is that he is a dead beat dad. He has a strained and limited relationship with his son and that really disturbs me. I am aware that he and the child are states apart but even when they are in the same state, he fails to see him. He is in the military and you can't tell me that he couldn't ask to be transferred closer to his child. This all goes to character, and Hugh has a shitty character. Plus I have a sneaky suspicion that Stacy will be just another conquest to him, if she hasn't slept with him already.

So, maybe it's none of my business. But this girl is like my damn family, and here again I see her making another rotten choice when it comes to a man. He lies, he's a criminal, and he is a shitty father. Also he is one of those sweet talkers, tells her everything she wants to hear, knows every cliche and line in the book, and even though she claims she isn't falling for it all, I bet her heart is just going pitter patter pitter patter over this jack ass.

In the meantime I'm really worried about her, worried that she is going to be used and abused and thrown away. That she is going to be hurt, or worse yet actually end up with a loser like him.(goddes forbid should she get knocked up by this creep!) She deserves better. She deserves to have an intelligent, sincere, honest man who will not feed her bull shit.

Her new thing is moving away from here. Which is fine, but when you move for the wrong reasons, like running away, that can only lead to disaster.

Hugh lives in Georgia, and now Stacy wants to move there, but she swears its not because of him. BUT I know how her mind works, I know she is having this hope inside of her that if she lives near him things will work out. If she wants to move and do something different, why can't it be to somewhere else, why does she want to move to where he is? The answer is simple, its about him, not about her -- except she has this strange belief that grass maybe greener on the other side. Also she has no "true" friends there, well not unless you consider this guy RA a true friend. He is even shittier than Hugh. He and Stacy have been friends since highschool, but they had an affair. Now she is friends with his wife, who has no clue. RA is a real shit, has done some pretty terrible things to his wife, cheated on her, but he and Stacy are supposedly these great friends see. I have two words to describe RA, white trash! This goes to character again. IF you lie to your wife, do mean things to your wife, cheat on your wife, and even bring the woman you had an affair with to your home to befriend your wife, you are worse than the devil himself. So, now we have Stacy wanting to move to some podunk area of Georgia to be around people, who claim to be her friends, but have character issues worse than our President and really do not have her best interests at heart.

I really would like to be supportive but I know, and trust me I do, that this guy and this sudden desire to move away from here is not good. I wish I could say that moving would be a wonderful change of pace for her, but I don't think moving closer to him, away from her family and friends, and a stable job is not going to turn out wonderful. She is one school year away from being tenured, she is working on being debt free, and she is going to a therapist who has really helped her out, alot. I think if she was "well" and I'm not trying to imply she has some screw loose, because I believe we all do, I think moving and going some place else would be wonderful for her. So I've been trying to keep my mouth shut about the whole Hugh thing and about the move thing. IN FACT, last night on the phone she told me that Hugh was coming to stay with her a few days, and I kept my mouth shut. She even asked me why I wasn't saying anything.

As soon as she mentioned that he was coming for a few days the first thing that came to mind was this, he has a five year old son, it's Christmas time and he obviously has some leave yet he is coming to see HER and not his child, which I think is horrible. I had a low life father like him who would rather be off trying to fuck some woman than spend time with me. This just goes to show you, what kind of terrible person/father/man he really is. I would like to meet him, but if I did, you can imagine the first few things out of my mouth would be. Why are you divorced? Why don't you spend more time with your child? Why aren't you with him now? Why did you lie to Stacy? Why do you keep giving her all this line of bull, is it for the pussy or something more? You are probably thinking I'm not that blunt, think again.

I've been tempted to just pop over to her journal and read it, but I don't have to, I know what's going on without having to read it, I know her that well. I imagine she has slept with him, I imagine she is going back and forth, back and forth over the relationship and is it worth it. She is falling for him yet she realizes that he is dishonest, has poor character, and is full of shit. He makes her feel good, but at the same time leaves her tied up in knots because she knows that behind the next corner could be a lie or some underlying character problem. She wants to make her own decisions and not have the opinions of others but at the same time wishes some of us would say something. If she has slept with him, she is probably having mixed emotions about it, wondering if she is the only one he is sleeping with and if she is being used. I bet if you popped over there and read her stuff, the above paragraph would sum up what's been going on with her. I know her that well.