February 1999


It was a beautiful day all because I was able to sleep in. Wild Child must have played in her bed awhile before letting out a blood curling "Mommy" to get my attention. The day started out pretty well, I started a diet today. I know you are going to laugh when I tell you which one, its the Richard Simmons Grove, Move and Lose diet. I must be nuts for even buying it but I have this wedding in October and I really need to lose some pounds before then. I've tried other diets but I just can't stick to them, I miss the food too much. I went on this low carbohydrate diet a few weeks ago and it sucked. I can't live without potatoes first of all, and secondly I was sick of salad every meal. So far I have done well on the Simmons thing, this being the first day and all. I also worked on getting this journal up on the web today. AOL gave me fits and kept knocking me off line. I'm thinking of dropping them. I've kind of gotten bored with AOL anyway and I think it is stifling my Internet experience, Mr. Wonderful doesn't even use AOL that much so don't think he will care one way or the other.

Wild Child about drove me nuts again today. She got a hold of some gum and it turned out to be a big mess. Tip of the day: Any child under five should not chew gum.

Mr. Wonderful has school tonight and then is going to the gym. We haven't got to spend much time together lately so it kinda irritates me that he will not be home until late. Part of the reason I think I'm so frazzled and feeling nutty is the fact we have only had sex twice in the last six weeks. That is definitely not normal for us. Part of the reason its been so long is the fact I have a cyst that had caused me to bleed for a month, not to mention we have all been sick with the flu. But I better get some tonight or I am going to have to rape him. A girl can only go so long. I don't see how he's done it, well I do.....but I don't think I'm going to use it as journal material. Anyway when he gets home I'll be waiting to jump his bones.

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