March 11, 1999

Even when there is joy of some kind in my life their is damper on it. V--- still is not calling me or even responding to my email. That really pisses me off and hurts me. We have disagreed about all kinds of stuff over the past thirteen years and she has never acted this bitchy. I wonder what her problem is. I can only guess that it is the fact we are moving farther away. And when I talk about farther away, I'm talking maybe five miles farther then where we are now. Surely that isn't it but you never can tell. I also can't believe she would act this way when she is so close to Wild Child. This girl is the godparent of my child and I have let their relationship get really close. Something I have not been too keen on since my mom died. After my mom died I started to let Wild Child spend more time with my good friend Kim's mother, she died twelve weeks after my mom died, and Wild Child was heartbroken, so I have been very careful about who I let watch and care for Wild Child. I don't want her to think that every time we turn around people die or leave. The other day Wild Child kept saying V--- and acting like she was talking to her on the phone, it really bothered me to think she is acting so mean and distant. In my emails I asked her on two different occasions what her problem was and that she could at least respond, but I still haven't got an answer. I guess I'm going to let it drop and not email or call her, until she gets off her high horse. It will be hard not to call her when so much is going on right now with us getting this house, and all the new gossip I've collected over the past week.

Yesterday we went to talk to the loan officer at the bank, and everything looks good. I'm really pleased and so was Mr. Wonderful. The loan officer said it looked really good for us on getting the loan but that it had to go through two more people before being approved but she didn't see any problems. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be and the meeting was very easy going. She said we would get a letter in the next 5-6 days on the status of the loan. So I figure a week more of worrying will not kill me. I am meeting with the decorator tomorrow to pick out colors, brick and siding, and flooring. Pottery class was a blast. We glazed the items we made so far. I'm not sure how my bowl is going to turn out but the vase I made for V---'s kitchen is suppose to be black and white. Pottery class is better than therapy and so relaxing. Next week I get to work on the wheel some more and make a box using the slab technique. No telling how that will turn out.

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