March 20, 1999

Let me tell you about the last few days. I sent V--- more email. We got free tickets to a concert at the Casinos for Friday night so I asked if she could watch Wild Child. She called me about four hours latter and said yes. V--- then called me that night and was acting all friendly and cheerful. I think she may be bipolar. She says she has been stressed with work, she is a CPA and this is her busy time of the year. Thursday the 18th, the anniversary of my brother's death I kept busy. Took Wild child to the park, went to view the house in its building stages, and ran some errands.

Friday I went to the Express Land Park with Wild Child. We've been going a couple of times a week lately. Today instead of watching her romp through the park I joined her. I went down some curly cue slide and twisted me knee some how. I can barely walk and I felt bitchy all day after that. When Jeff came home he acted lazy and depressed and he really got on my nerves. The house was a disaster from the kids and I wanted to go to dinner before heading for the concert. I really didn't want to go to the concert because I was too stressed to sit still and listen to the blues. After MsEm was picked up by her mom we took Wild child to V---'s and the first thing out of her mouth was "V---" at the top her lungs. That probably made V---'s week. By the time we started heading to the Casino we were running late and he admitted he really didn't want to go to the concert either. We decided to at least go to the Casino and eat and gamble a little. I usually win or break even but tonight I lost all the money we took. Thank God we ate first!!!

Next week I only have to take care of MsEm on Monday. So I have the whole week planned on what I'm going to do, starting with cleaning that kids room and then on to the rest of the house. The garage is also going to get cleaned out in the next week. We have got to start getting rid of this shit before we move.

I'm getting excited about moving and building this house. Since we have been approved for our loan, and the sell of the mountain house is moving smoothly and rapidly, I've been going out to the lot and talking pictures and inspecting. Before we go pick up Wild child at V---'s I'm taking Mr. Wonderful by so he can see the progress they have made this week.

Well it's 2 AM here and I'm tired from being out all night.