May 30, 1999

Jeff was sick today and getting on my last nerve. We argued a lot. It has done nothing but rain here, so instead of going to the beach as was planned, we stayed in town and shopped for furniture. On Saturday we went to four different places and finally I settled on something. I decided that instead of buying something off the floor of a store just to have it custom made. The furniture is for the family room since I am giving what we have now to MsEm's mom. Today didn't make him any happier. We went to many different appliance stores looking at washer and dryer sets and refrigerators. After looking several different places I decided to buy what I liked at the very first store, and this really pissed him off. By the time we were finished and I had decided that store had closed, so we have to go back tomorrow. He was not thrilled.

Tonight we watched two movies. The first was Step Mom, which left me in tears. I had been warned by several friends not to watch it, but I wanted to see it sooo bad. It was an excellent movie, and even Jeff liked it. The second movie was Elizabeth. WOW! That film was incredible, and we loved the story line. It left me feeling empowered as a woman. It had some gory scenes but the acting was marvelous. I may want to add it to my collection in the near future. The absolute best movie I have seen though in the past few weeks, is Very Bad Things which is a situational comedy. The acting in it is some of the best I have ever seen, and it is very funny. It has Cameron Diaz in it, and it has that star of cupid in it as well, a long with some other great comedians. For one reason or another this movie didn't make it to many theaters, and after watching it you may see why. I can guarantee you that there will not be any sleeping during this movie! Rent it and watch it and let me know what you think about it.

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