March 5, 1999

At 1 am in the morning I woke up with the a terrible pain in my right side. My gallbladder was having fits again and I was in terrible pain. I had eaten too much fat the day before and now I was paying for it. My stomach was bloated up like I was six months pregnant and I felt like I was going to die. I got out of bed and shuffled to the kitchen where I took some pain medication and tried to go back to bed. The pain was too bad, I was tossing and turning so I tried to make myself vomit to see if that would help. It didn't. I ran a tub of scalding water and sat in it, this soothed my pain for a while and then I started to get the shits. Great, I thought, no sleep tonight.

I took eight hot steaming baths until about 4. And after the diarrhea and bloating subsided I was able to go back to bed. That was around 5 am. I really need to take better care of myself, and I need to loose the weight and eat better. The pain is a loud wake up call, especially when it disturbs my sleep. I was so exhausted form being up all night I laid in bed till eleven. Wild Child was so good too, she just sat and played with her toys and watched Blue's Clues. Mr. Wonderful gave me another lecture about 3am. He said he loved me and all but that I really needed to take car of myself. He didn't say loose weight but I know that's what he meant.


I put our old heep in the paper so I could have some money to pay of our American Express bill this month and have some money to but Wild child some clothes and shoes. I bought her some clothes at Parisians this afternoon with some gift certificates she received for her birthday, but she still need some more clothes and two pairs of shoes. I also need some clothes, I threw out most of my wardrobe last year, and since breastfeeding has ended all my shirts are too big, I also need new undergarmets. Mr. Wonderful has a complete wardrobe and a very nice on, he has a work wardrobe, a gym wardrobe, a play wardrobe and a church wardrobe. He has more clothes then Tammy Faye.

Mr. Wonderful really wants us to build this house we saw last weekend. I'm really afraid to dive right in but interest rates are getting higher so I guess I better come to some sort of decision. I really love the floorplan and the neighborhood looks family oriented. Hubby really wants us to be around our peers that have other children. He is tired of living in a old folks neighborhood. I don't blame him, I hate it too. I think I'll decide over the weekend what to do. Someone is suppose to come look at the heep at ten so maybe after that we can go talk to the builder again.