April 20, 1999

Okay, my life is gaining some order. Or so I think. The house situation is currently resolved. The title company is going to let us close at the end of May and our builder is letting us close a month later. So we will not be closing on our house until July 15. A little later then we expected, but at least by then I will have the money from the sale of the NC property. I also sent off paperwork to cash in a annuity. We need to have immediate savings and part of the money from it we are going to use to buy new furniture for the family room and for Wild Child's "big girl" room.

On Monday I got 12 rolls of film developed. I hope to be putting some on the WEB this weekend. There are a few good pics of Wild Child and I have some really fantastic photos of some headstones as well. I took them at Bonavencher cemetery in Savannah, GA, on a foggy cold winter day. In fact I took them the morning of Winter Solstice. I may even give you all a glimpse of what I look like! LOL anyway I am definitely going to set up a family site that I will link all of you too, but there will be no way to get from that site back to here, for obvious reasons.

I keep my journal pretty private and really do not care for my family and friends to read it. My husband knows that I keep a journal online, as well as a few friends, but none know the web address. I think it's a good thing that this is private, in a sense.

Now I got a secret to share. I'm not any good at keeping secrets really, so I figure I can tell it all right here and who is going to know? Its not like any one who reads this knows who I am, right? I think I'm pregnant. I'm late, so on Sunday I went out and bought a Equate pregnancy test. Its the cheap brand from Walmart, but I was told that it reads the lowest level of HCG(this is the pregnancy hormone). After I got home with the test hubby insisted that I take it. So I took it and it came out negative. Whoo-hooo, or so I thought. Come to find out that Equate has changed there pregnancy tests and the level of HCG it reads. It doesn't even read HCG until its over 100+. Well that really sucks because on day 14 after ovulation the average HCG level is 45. That means that you can take the test on the first day of your last period and it may not even register that you are pregnant. EPT seems to be the lowest reading now in the home pregnancy department, it reads a HCG of 40. So basically I wasted my money on the Equate pregnancy test. Thank God I thought to myself that I bought the two pack. So I took the second one on Tuesday and it took over six minutes for the control window line to show up. It's a three minute test and even though it read negative, I believe it was a dud. So I'm going to go to the store and buy the expensive EPT home pregnancy test. The reason I'm sharing this is because I want everyone to know that cheap is not necessarily the way to go when it comes to things like this. My advice to all of you, there are some things you are not to buy cheap, pregnancy tests, condoms, and shoes.