April 30, 1999

Tonight I went to go get my hair cut and colored. I haven't had my hair done since before Christmas and it was starting to look pretty ratty.

A few weeks back my sister K. called and said she would make us joint appointments to go to the salon and have our hair done and then we could go to dinner afterwards. I was thrilled over the idea but told her that I really didn't have the money to have my hair cut and colored because of hubby's oral surgery and that was going to leave my budget really tight. It cost about $60 to get your hair colored and cut and I explained to her I didn't have anything to spare. She went on and on about how it would make me feel good about myself and that I'd be happy when it was done. I agreed but told her it would just have to wait till summer. So she offered to pay for it. I objected but she kept insisting and told me that this would be my Birthday gift. (My birthday is May 15) After a little persuasion I agreed and the appointment was set for today at 5.

I arrived at the salon to find my sister there with her two boys. The hairdresser, Jenny, was finishing up the oldest boys and the smaller one was running around the salon like a bull in a chine closet. I felt an emptiness inside of me. I felt sick and wanted to leave. I thought to myself "this is not going to be fun". So K sat in the chair and the preceded to tell me how her husband had something to do and couldn't watch the boys and that as soon as her hair was done she was going to have to go. Bummer, I thought. I felt really disappointed since I thought this was going to be a Girl's Night.

While K was getting her hair done her children ran around like little trapped mice in a maze. The little one kept getting into things, playing with the hair dryers, spinning in the salon chairs, and running back in forth from the receptionist area to the hair cutting area. My sister must have said 100 times to stop. The older one kept asking when they were going to leave and how he was starving. I felt exasperated. I could hardly speak to her without being interrupted by some little heathen child.

While she sat in the chair K and Jenny were talking about spanking children as a means to discipline. I kept to myself during the conversation because I am very anti-spanking. My sister talked about how effective it was and that it was the only way she get the smaller child to mind. No sooner had she made that comment did the smaller one disobey her for the umpteenth time and she pop pout of the chair and spanked him. He behaved for a total of ten minutes.

After her hair was finished I got in the chair and Jenny put my cap on and started pulling the hair threw to color. K said she had to go and needed to pay. I looked directly at her and told her "Thank you, I really appreciate you doing this for me." She was like "sure anytime" and told me she would talk to me later. I assumed that when she paid Jenny she not only paid for her and the boys but mine as well since she had offered to do this as my birthday gift.

You can only imagine what happened after my cut and color appointment was over. I was going up front to buy this special shampoo for color treated hair when I decided to ask Jenny if K paid for my appointment as well. She looked at me and said "She only paid for her appointment and the boys, was she suppose to?" I kinda mumbled never mind and asked her how much I owed her and wrote her a check. I felt really disgusted and disappointed. If it had not been for a check for $100 to switch to ATT I would not have had the money to pay for the cut and color. It also pissed me off that she would do that to me. What if I had not had any money? Or not brought my purse in?

I haven't decided if I should say anything to her or not. I wonder if she will call me and ask me how everything turned out at the salon. A friend suggested I call her up and thank her for paying to have my hair done and act as if I just walked out of the salon without paying anything. I'm still pondering that idea.