May 23, 1999

The weekend is over. I am sorry to see it end. We actually had a good time this weekend, with few depressing moments. Jeff went and picked up Wild Child's new "big girl" bed and we set it up in her room. At first she didn't seem too happy with the idea of sleeping in the big bed and frowned as we removed the crib from her room but after a while she was climbing on top of it putting her stuffed animals asleep. After we rearranged her room we went and picked up the table and chair set I bought for the breakfast room. After getting it home and in the garage I noticed a tag on the back of the buffet that said it was from the Statesville Furniture Co. in North Carolina. I'm hoping to find out more about the pieces, and more about the Statesville Furniture Co. So far I have only learned that they did mostly dining room furniture and worked with mahogany and cherry woods.

I wanted to stay busy this weekend so after getting everything squared away at home we headed out shopping for Wild Child a comforter set. I found something I kinda liked at Target and bought it. I kept the receipt however in case I find something better. One of my sister's heathens had a baseball game so since we were right around the corner from the ball park we stopped and watched the rest of the game. His team won with a huge lead but after the game a friendly game of tug of war with the losing team left them in the mud. It was quite a sight to see theses little 8 and 9 year olds rolling in the mud.

My dad was there and talked about asking a woman out to a concert. He was asking me if it was okay and all about how he had dated her before my mom. Jeff mentioned that he had met her before. I told him it was okay with me if he dated, and it is, that wasn't a lie. I just don't want to see him get seriously involved with any women. I know he is really lonely and I think it would be cool if he got him some old ladies to go out to eat with and maybe take some vacations with. As far as marriage goes, I couldn't stand by and watch him put another woman through what he put my mother through. He asked for the life he has and said he would never be a three time loser and now he has gotten his wish, he is a bachelor, living alone. I would like to think he could change, or that he has but I don't think 58 years of weirdness and abusive behavior ends over night or even in a year. Just to show my support of him going out and meeting new people I bought him some clothes at the GAP for Father's Day, so he can be more hip.


Today was one of the moments I'd like to replay over and over again, especially when I'm old and Wild child has grown up. We went across the bay today to the beach. After shopping at the outlet center for awhile we decided to head down tot he beach and let Wild Child see the ocean. Luckily had my camera and had a few shots left.

Wild Child loved the sand. This was her first time to really play in sand and she loved digging in it. Jeff and I sat down with her and started building sand castles and forming creatures in the sand. The water was rough and the waves were crashing violently onto the beach but it was peaceful. Jeff looked relaxed, something I rarely see on Sunday afternoons since he started teaching in inner city schools. We did some cloud watching too. Wild Child has not caught on to cloud watching yet but I hope she will come to enjoy the pass time as much as I do. While we were there we talked about renting a condo for a long weekend before summer school begins. I'll be looking into that this week and see if there is anything we can do around Father's Day/

On the way home Jeff and I talked about our families. I mainly talked about how I missed mine and how I regret that Wild Child is not going to have that closeness that I had or the fun with my grandparents and aunts and uncles. Jeff doesn't see that as a bad thing. He came from a large family full of drunks, druggies, and whores that fussed and fought and acted like white trash. We don't visit his family often because of that and he doesn't stay in touch with hem at all. The only good relationships he really has is with his mother, one of his brothers and his maternal grandmother. He hasn't talked to his father in over four months and he rarely talks to his brother in Louisiana. I was always fascinated by large families and thought it would be great to be apart of one until I married him. Today he told me I was idealistic when it came to family and how they should work, he is probably right.

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