June 11 - Ball of Energy

I woke up this morning bursting with energy. I rolled over, grabbed my handy dandy thermometer waited for the beep and wrote down my temperature. 96.9. I looked over the past two weeks and noticed that my temp had slightly dropped -- could it be ovulation? So I got up wander into the bathroom and checked my cervical mucus and it was perfect, eggwhite and could be stretched a good six inches. I felt rested and full of energy too.

The day started out beautiful and busy. I cleaned up the living quarters, loaded the dishwasher, folded the pile of clean clothes stacked on the guest room bed, and worked on the remaining clothes that needed to be washed. My friend Kathy came over with her two children and stayed for a little over an hour. It was nice to have some adult company, something I seriously lack in my life right now. Right now I live near mostly old farts and there are very few couples our age, it will be nice to be moving to a neighborhood with families and other people around our age and child's age.

Jeff was busy at the school cleaning out his room and turning in grades today. He came in with some interesting news this afternoon. He preceded to tell me that the opening at the magnet school was not going to be open after all but that he was given a job at a local highschool teaching Algebra and Geometry. He was really excited to know that he may actually get to teach and not police next year. As long as he is not in the middle of the ghetto and dealing with wannabe gangbangers I'll be content where ever he teaches. To celebrate the good news I made a wonderful meal for him to devout.

So after noticing all the work I have done around the house he is wondering what I want? Well..... I want to get laid that's for sure! I sent him to the gym to work out so I could take a nice warm bath, wash my hair and shave my legs. I'm waiting on him to come home as I sit here and write this entry. I'm sure some of you are wondering if I'm trying to hit the jackpot in baby making but probably the egg is dead by now. I'm horny and I haven't had it all week, so there.


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