June 15

Its been raining here all day.

I love it when it rains, the sound of thunder and the flicker of lightening. Brings back memories of my childhood and past romantic encounters. I lost my virginity in the rain, on the hood of a thunderbird, in a cemetery. I remember getting soaking wet and afterwards sitting inside the car eating fast food and laughing at the ducks who had gathered around the car. The rain takes me back to the past, the night of my brother's wake it thunder stormed and flooded, the electricity went out, something that may scare most people in a mortuary. We lit candles and sat in a circle on the floor reminiscing over his life. It was one of the most comforting moments during the one month ordeal.


I won a drawing today. I was very excited about winning because the prize is going to allow me to get my daughter an Actimates Barney for Christmas for FREE.

I bet you are wondering how?

I have a confession to make. I have a hobby that is so cool, so fun and can be time consuming. Its refunding and couponing, plus getting things for free or nearly free. I get all kinds of things for free and right now LUVS has a promotion going that if you collect so many UPCs you can earn free Barney merchandise. Well, I was short 5 points from getting the free Actimates Barney and a refunder was having a drawing and I won one of the prizes that included the remaining LUVS points that I needed.

I have already begun Christmas shopping ( I believe this year we are going to celebrate Yule) for Wild Child. Last year I was able to get a good bit of gifts for free and this time I plan to do the same. The Actimates Barney is going to be her big gift and I have already purchased some videos to go with him. I have also started a basket of frog stuff for her, (She is really into frogs) and will be holding a contest/drawing after we move that will hopefully able me to obtain more frog things for the basket. I ordered a Magna Doodle today for over half off(no shipping or tax) and that will also be part of her gifts.

I hope to have all my Christmas done by mid October. I plan to make a good deal of the gifts myself in pottery. Not only will it be cheaper but probably more memorable. I hate the hustle and bustle of the mall and all the commercialism involved during the holiday season, that is why I try to limit gift giving and I try to be really thoughtful about what kind of gift I give. My sister suggested that the family go to Disney for Christmas. I think it is a good idea, if we can afford it. However I do not know if I could handle a week with her husband and children.


Jeff actually brought up us trying for another baby today. He actually seemed upbeat and said that he bets we will be pregnant by Halloween. I have to admit that he was very hesitant about trying for another baby.

Jeff was concerned that we couldn't afford another baby with our new mortgage, or that he would have time for a new baby while he was in grad school. I reminded him that Wild Child really didn't cost us that much the first year and that what w did spend could be made up in tax deductions. I also reminded him that we have less debt now then we ever have, including our mortgage. I told him that before he left teaching I really wanted to have another baby. This way he could be home as much as he has been with Wild Child. Teachers get lots of holidays, sick days and personal leave plus the summers off. After he graduates and starts his new career he is not going to have those luxuries. Having a baby in spring or early summer would be perfect because he would be home and will not being going summer semester next year. He finally agreed.

It was nice hearing his thoughts on having another child. Jeff definitely saw it as being a positive thing for Wild Child. He said it took some time getting used to the idea of making our family of three into a family of four, but that it felt right. My thoughts exactly.


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