June 18

This morning Wild Child woke me up at 6 am saying "mommy, CLUES!" She had gotten out of the bed and was demanding to watch Blues Clues. I reached for my handy dandy thermometer and waited for the beep. 96.8. What?! This is day 51 of this cycle. I write down on my chart reflecting over the past 46 days of temperatures taken. None go over 97.4. So far I have not ovulated. This would happen to me, this would happen after we have decided to add to our family. I can't believe that for the past two years I have had normal cycles with ovulation and here I am wanting to get pregnant and I'm not even ovulating. I'm feeling very frustrated and pissed.

So to cheer myself up my friend Mickey, her daughter, Wild Child, and I went to the beach. On our way there we heard that our area was under an Ozone Warning. What the hell is that? I wondered. If anyone knows please email me. We had a good time with the girls and they enjoyed building a sand castle. The water was a little rough but Wild Child still wanted to go into the water. Mickey's little girl was afraid of the water and nothing we could do or bribe her with would get her to go in. After a few hours we decided to head home, and luckily the girls slept the entire way back.

Something has been going on with Wild Child lately that really concerns me. She has been having runny stools several times a day. She isn't running any fever, doesn't complain of pain, and we haven't changed her diet so I don't know what is causing it. This is has been going on for a week and I thought her bowel movements would return to normal by now but they haven't. I was trying not to be one of those moms who rushes her kid into the doctor's office for every little thing, and now I feel like one of those trashy mama's for not calling them sooner. Sometimes you can't win when you have kids. Hopefully by Monday she will be better but if not I will take her in.

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