June 23 - Exciting News

Guess what? We are going to Disney World! I am so excited. My dad(step-father) has offered to take the whole family to Orlando for seven nights, eight days for our Christmas Presents. He is going to pay for everything, and my sister and I are in charge of making the arrangements. I already picked the place we are going to stay, and it looks fabulous. We decided to rent a house, it even comes with a pool and has five bedrooms and three baths. The house is fairly new, and is only ten minutes from Disney World. Jeff has never been to Disney, Busch Gardens, or Sea World so this is going to be a real treat for our little family since it will be Wild child's first time. Another cool thing is that Wild Child will be just under three and will get admitted into all the parks for FREE.

I don't know how I will be able to take seven nights and eight days with my sister's heathens but I can do it for an all expense paid vacation. There are three bedrooms upstairs and two down, as long as I have separate quarters then them I may be able to survive. My dad may need tranquilizers after being with all of us a week, or vice versa. Anyway we are all pretty excited about going. We were going to go the week after Christmas but the rates are quadrupled due to the Millenium so now we are going during Thanksgiving. I'm already making a list of things we need to take and have on our trip, and how I can get it done on a budget.

Wild Child may not remember going to Disney, Busch Gardens and SeaWorld this time but I think she will have a good time and I plan on taking lots of pictures and will take the camcorder.


Jeff doesn't have a job for the summer. We are not going to sweat it. I may get a part time job, but I may not tell you what it will be until after I have worked it awhile, if I even decided to take it. A girlfriend told me about the job and she made over $500 for ten hours of work, and she didn't have to prostitute or take her clothes off to make the money. I'm really considering taking this part time job. It will give us some extra cash and we could put some away for savings or towards that mini-van I'm hoping to goddess I'll need next year. The hours are really flexible and while I worked Jeff could be home with the Wild Child.

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