June 5 -- Speak Freely Collaboration

This month's collaboration project is on our online journal titles and why we chose that particular title.

For those of you who have been reading my journal, there used to be a quote on the index page that read "Life is not about reaching destinations, it's about the journey." This was said to me by my mother during the last year of her life and then again the last week she was alive.

Since my mother past away that statement has stuck with me. I have learned to think of my life as a journey and even though I have dreams for the future and goals to accomplish, I know that obtaining them will not be the end. I try to look at everything in my life as a learning experience, no matter if it brings joy or pain.

I am only half baked, I have not gotten it, I do not know it all, and I realize that. I have a lot to learn, more to experience, and more things to accomplish. I hope I never feel that I have come full circle. That is why I called my journal Journey and Destination. I will always be on a journey and even if it looks like that I have done all there is to do, and accomplished all I wanted to accomplish, and my dreams have been fulfilled, I know that I will never reach the destination.

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