June 9

On my way to pottery tonight I stopped by and took a look at the house. They really haven't done too much to it, since last time, but patch the ceilings where they cut some unnecessary holes. The patches didn't match so I guess I will be bitching about that in the AM. I looked in the garage and discovered some great boxes for packing. I didn't have the time to get them but I plan on going back tomorrow and retrieve them. I wish they would go ahead and sod the yard. We have been getting afternoon showers here and it would be nice if I could have green grass instead of dead grass.

My sister never called our pottery teacher so I ended up telling her that "she" wasn't coming. I thought I would have the studio all to myself when in popped another student.

It was an older lady who I might add was very cocky and needed an attitude adjustment. While I was on the wheel she talked about her daughter's infertility problems and how she wanted grandchildren. She actually blamed her daughter for waiting too long to have children(she was 31). I wanted to barf. Then this woman went on to ask me if I had ever taken pottery before. I told her no and then she started to grill me, like I was lying. She wanted to know how long I had been taking, making comments about the few things I had done and how advanced I was. I wanted to laugh because I am far from "advanced". So I decided to ignore her. After finishing up on the wheel I had to trim a bowl and then she started up again. This time she asked about my mom's cancer. I was telling her a little about it and she wanted to know what caused it. I told her chemicals and pesticides in the environment, and that it was an environmental cancer. She gave me a smug look and told me there was no such thing and that she was a nurse. I practically told her she was full of shit. Nothing pisses me off more than the arrogance of someone in the medical field when they are so dumb about the facts. I preceded to tell her about what causes the disease, that there is no cure, and that most people are fine one day and die the next. She went on to ask all sorts of question in a very condescending manner, when my teacher changed the subject. As soon as I was finished I left, disgusted that I had to be in the same room with that woman.

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