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July 11, 1999 Late Saturday night my friend Stacy came over. I had called her after we had gotten in, begging her to come get me because Jeff and Wild Child were on my last nerve. Stacy and I have been friends since we have been eleven years old. We met the very first day of seventh grade, and her mom taught me how to open a combination lock. I don't exactly see her as a friend either, more like a sister. We grew up together, we laughed and played together, we know everything about each other, we even argue like siblings. After she went off to college we would lose track of each other, but as soon as contact was re-established it was like we were never apart. Of course we got into lots of mischief while we were in highschool, and till this day when old friends, teachers, or parents see us together they assume we are up to something.

When Stacy got to the house around 10:30, I asked Jeff if it was okay if I went out for awhile. He seemed annoyed but said to go on ahead and leave. I was out the door, bare footed and braless, desperately wanting a cigarette. I used to smoke. Its a habit I despise but one I can sympathize with, I still crave nicotine in times of stress and have indulged in it only a few times since I got married. I quit when I started dating Jeff, he has asthma and probably wouldn't have asked me out a second time I was smoking.

Stacy and I were off to a local fast food restaurant, grabbed some fries and sodas and sat in the car plotting our next move. An old friend lived nearby that we had not seen in ages,  actually a girl who used to babysat us, so we decided to see if we could find her house. We drove up and down her street wondering which one it was, and finally picked a house that we thought might be it. We argued back and forth on who would go up to the door and knock. I felt like we were in highschool again.

We sat in the car and decided to call R----'s (the old babysitter/friend) brother at work to get her phone member and street address. I was just a laughing as D--- came to the phone. As soon as Stacy revealed who she was and what she wanted D--- asked if we were together, which sent us all into laughter. She talked a few minutes to D--- getting R----'s street address and phone number. We then drove back to R----'s house and dialed the telephone number, it just rang and rang. All the lights were on inside the house and we could see the TV on. Stacy finally decided that she would go up to the door and knock. I stayed in the car, watching and waiting and of course, smoking.

Stacy waved for me to come on up to the house. Once in, R--- was asleep but her roommates went to wake her up. When she came out she exclaimed "Only the two of you would come to someone's house this late at night, uninvited." She hugged our neck and for the next few hours we sat around catching up, talking about the good ole days and smoking. Finally at 2am it was time to go. When I got home Jeff was waiting up for me, the first thing out of his mouth "Have you been smoking? You stink!"

I looked at him innocently, "No I haven't been smoking." For some reason I think he knew I was lying.

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I haven't had sex in almost three weeks.
Tonight I showed my friend Stacy how she can be debt free in a year and still buy a new computer.
I went to K---'s house and we did 87 of her wedding invitation, we have over 150 more to go.
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