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July 21, 1999

As I Was


Listening to Ani Difranco


On the boob tube: Teletubbies


Reading: Positive Discipline by J. Nelson


My husband will be teaching three classes of Geometry next year. He is very excited.


In thirty minutes I'm calling my builder to make sure we are on schedule this week.


I have pottery class tonight, I hope to be working mainly on the wheel.


I went to bed before midnight last night for the first time in over a month.


I love the version of 32 Flavors by Ani Difranco. Its my theme song.


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Tomorrow's Entry

Monday night I finished painting the small chest of drawers for Wild Child's new room. I cleaned it up, repaired it, and then put a coat of Kilz on it. Its a small chest of drawers, four drawers and stands a little over three and half feet. I painted it sky blue. It took four coats. I then painted an apple tree on one end and the other end a moon man and stars. On each individual drawer I painted different animals. The top drawer is a frog, the second a scene from the story book the Ugly Duckling, the third the lizard from the background of perplexity and redemption, and a sea scene on the fourth. After taking my grandfather to the doctor yesterday I headed over to Target to buy knobs. I picked out some cute knobs, that were very affordable. Jeff thinks it turned out really nice, and Wild Child seems to love the painted pictures on it.


I love what I put inside the chest of drawers. I had saved all my barbies and baby dolls from when I was little girl and their clothes. My Aunt Pauline was an excellent seamstress and she had made me hundreds of outfits for my barbie dolls and other baby dolls. Yesterday I sat in the floor of the office and opened up the boxes that contained my treasures. I first went through the Mandy and Jenny doll clothes (you may remember these dolls made by fisher price). Remembering that they were given to me as a gift on my 7th birthday. They had a variety of clothing from capes to underwear. Other little girls were envious of my dolls and their clothes collection. The barbie clothes I got when I was eight, and I can't remember if it was at Christmas or my birthday.There was such a variety of clothes, even Ken had a wardrobe of his own. I folded each piece of clothing, still in excellent condition and placed them into the drawers. I hope my treasures become my daughter's treasures, and that she enjoys playing dress up with them as much as I did.


I need to get a hair cut and get it colored. It's getting to be unmanageable and my roots are starting to show. My hair has grown out but after what that bitch did to my hair its going to now have to be cut off to make it even, I suspect it will be cut to my shoulders. After I fix what that bitch did to my hair, I'm going to let it get really long again.


This weekend my sister let me know that she had told their friends that live in Tampa that we were going to be in Orlando for the week and the friends wanted to meet up with us at Disney for a few days. I reminded my sister that we were going as a family and that we would most likely have an itinerary that was going to be hard to keep with ten people as it is. She agreed and said that she would have felt guilty if she had not told them she was going to be within a few hours drive from them. I just think the group is going to be big enough, and to add another four bodies is just going to slow us down and cause unnecessary confusion. I know lots of people like to spend their vacations spontaneously, but when you are visiting a major theme park with ten people, its wise to be organized. the red flags are going up.


Summer school and the college semester are about over. So the whole month of August Jeff and I will practically be together 24/7. After we get settled in to the new house and the bridal shower has passed, I plan on having activities in place so we do not kill each other. I imagine we will return to going to the beach a few times a week and get our privacy fence built. I also have gotten eight free movie passes, I can either escape to a movie alone, with friend, or we can go as a family. I really want to see the Blair Witch Project, but as far as I know it is not playing in my area. If it goes to Birmingham or New Orleans, I plan on taking the drive just to see it. If you have any ideas where this movie will be showing at, please email me.

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