May 28, 1999

Today was one of those days when everything in the world seemed right and good. I woke up smiling and feeling the joy of parenthood. Wild Child awoke before me and as I laid half asleep in bed I could hear her voice talking to her stuffed animals and then a clunk to the floor, followed be the pitter patter of her feet across the hardwood floors. She came into my room, climbed into bed with me, with her two favorite friends in tow, Barney and Blue, and began to sing. I laid there for a moment thinking if that I just wanted five more minutes of peace, when I realized that Wild Child was singing all of the words to Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. I was amazed she knew it, because I have not even taught it to her, yet she knew every word, and sang clearly. She looked so adorable belting out the words, grin from ear to ear.

At that moment I remember why I love being a mom so much. Being thankful that I decided to stay home to raise her and be with my child. It feels good knowing that I made the right decision, and that moments like this I get to share with her.

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