June 22, 1999

I have some exciting news, and I must admit I'm a bit jealous. My friend A--- the one who is building down the road from us and trying to get pregnant is PREGNANT. I am so excited for her, but envious as well. It took her three months to conceive after getting off the pill. She was really paranoid about it too because she works in a infertility clinic, but she is pregnant, something I told her was a big possibility since her temperatures were tri-phasic and that they had sex two days before and the day of ovulation.

I have a confession instead of waiting we went ahead to try for baby number two. My cervical mucus has been great the last few days, stretching at least six inches and my cervix is high and open. We just couldn't pass this month up when the fertility signs were so abundantly clear. So of course I now have the waiting period. I really want to be pregnant or get pregnant soon now that A---- is pregnant. Its fun being pregnant with someone you are friends with. When I was pregnant with Wild Child I was able to share pregnancy woes and joys with a friend and it was a lot of fun, I'd love to be able to share that kind of experience with A----- with her living down the street.


Today we found out that Jeff may not have a summer school position. We planned on using that money to build a fence and pay up our insurance instead of digging even deeper into savings, but now I don't know what we will we do. Summer school is only part time but pays good money, and it not just gave us extra income but flexible hours that fit our schedule. He suggested going to work construction but I just don't see how he could work something like that, go to school, and us move. We don't have to have the extra money, a first since we have been married, but it would be nice. I think when he comes in from class tonight I will just let him know that it isn't necessary that he work. We plan on having a huge moving sale, so hopefully I can make some extra money and put it towards the car insurance. I may even get a part time job for the summer, who knows, it is something to think about.

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