Journey & Destination
June 29, 1999 So, what do you think? Do you like the new look?

I do. I believe it has greatly improved from the old one.

Well, if you haven't been paying close attention, Geocities and Yahoo merged. Over the weekend they were updating to a new system, one I couldn't get into. Then when I was able to access my material they wanted to practically own me and my material. Not a very wise decision on their part adding that stipulation. So I decided to leave Geocities behind, and move over to Tripod. So far I like it, especially since I got Microsoft FrontPage. Thanks to Cyn, I now I have a beautiful index page that I am very happy with. I think it looks welcoming and elegant. Thank you Cyn!

I plan on going on a full "pimping" extravaganza for this journal too. Hopefully with the new look and feel of things people will be more inclined to read it.


The news around here is that I started my period today. It appears, from studying my last cycles charts, that I am not ovulating at all. Not once did my temperature go above the cover line. I'm not as disappointed as I thought I'd be. We weren't really going to start trying until August, so in my mind I'm still on track, as for my body that is another story.

Being annovulatory is really disappointing. My body is failing to do the job it is suppose to do. I think what really bothers me is that since Wild Child was four months old I have been having normal, ovulatory cycles but the moment we decide to add to our family my body decides to screw up.

This past weekend my mother-in-law came into town for a short visit. I made the mistake of mentioning we were trying for another child. I must have had a brain fart or something because I should have never told her. Now she is going to be harassing me every time I speak to her. I can already hear her asking me everytime I speak to her if I've gotten pregnant yet. Let me also add that my mother-in-law has no concept of infertility whatsoever. She is in complete denial that we have problems in this area at all.

Back to the Journey and Destination.





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