May 26, 1999

I've been going nuts on eBay the last few days. I've been buying beanie babies and stuffed frogs for my daughter for Christmas. I hate shopping for Christmas, so I start early and try to finish up by Halloween. This gives me time during the holiday season to actual enjoy it instead of running around with my head cut off.

Wild Child's new fascination is frogs. At MsEm school they have a frog in water that she tells me she wants. Its funny looking and it is cool to watch it eat. The frog looks like it is stuffing its face with its hands like its the last meal it is ever going to get. Now everywhere we go Wild Child sees frogs and has to point them out. So for Christmas this year I am going to feel a great big basket up full of frog memorabilia. I'm thinking some stuffed frogs, collector frogs, beanie baby frogs, stickers and other frog toys will make for an interesting gift. We also plan to get her an Actimates Barney with some video tapes.

I have no idea what to get the other kids in the family. Last year we gave MsEm every Barbie thing under the sun, so this year is going to be tough. My sister's heathens are always bad to buy for. I usually give traditional boy gifts that lack imagination. Most of the adults this year are getting pottery. I've made a list of stuff to make for each family or individual person. So hopefully this Christmas should not hit the pocket book too bad.


Tonight on my way to pottery I stopped by and took a look at the house. The carpet was down and the rest of the flooring. There isn't too much left to do to the inside. The accent paint in the dining room, the sinks and toilets need to be put in, the shelves in the closet, and the quarter round along the floor. The yard needs to be sodded and landscaped and the brick that was messed up on the garage needs to be fixed. I think the house will be finished completely within the next two weeks. It would be absolutely wonderful if we could be in the new house the first of July.

I've been going to pottery early the last few weeks, and tonight was no different. My sister Kay, has been bringing her heathen children to pottery class and they have been getting into all kinds of mischief. The littlest heathen plays with the pottery wheels and tools, runs around the studio bumping into cabinets and shelves full of pottery, and hovers over you to the point you can not concentrate. The oldest heathen acts interested in the process but when he can't get his way or wants to leave(which is after about 15 minutes) he acts exasperated and starts asking a when they are going to leave. I don't think Dee, our teacher is too thrilled with her bringing her kids, because they are constantly in the way and that little one is like the Tasmanian Devil in a chine shop. Dee doesn't have the heart to tell her not to bring her children. I wish Kay would hire a baby sitter to watch them or not come until her husband (their father) can start watching them again.

Tonight I did really well on the wheel, and I know that it was partly because I had some one on one teaching and demonstration without interruption. The first item I threw on the wheel fell but I learned a good deal from throwing it so the next piece turned out quite well. I decided to keep it. It was shaped like a small honey jar, so I decided to make a lid for it and next week I think I will carve a design in it.

I really want to succeed and be good at this art form. For sometime I have put my writing on hold and my painting, and I don't want to end up doing that with my pottery skills. I plan on begging Jeff for my own pottery wheel this winter. I can already imagine myself sitting at a wheel on the pack porch molding and creating while Wild Child plays in the back yard, or under the full moonlight, alone with my thoughts.