June 10 -- Potty Talk

Today is Jeff's last day of school (teaching that is). What a relief. This school year has been really rough. The third day of school one of his students killed a girl, stabbing her multiple times. The second week of school Jeff was assaulted by one of his students, and that was just the beginning. They have had drive by shootings, arrests, and multiple bomb threats. Next year he will be at another school so this really makes me happy. I'll just be glad when he finishes grad school and can get a job he will enjoy and one where I will not be in constant worry over his safety.

Thanks to Shanna and Kymm, I have joined the band wagon and signed up for Imagine Radio. Now I can listen to all my favorites while I pack. I can never seem to get enough of Tori Amos, Peter Grabiel, and Fiona Apple, not to mention countless others. And being a frugal minded person this is cheaper then buying countless CDs.

I'm being really lazy today. I have gotten nothing accomplished here at the house and Wild child is just playing off by herself. The kitchen needs to be cleaned, laundry needs to be put away, and I need to sweep the hardwood floors. I don't mind doing housework, I used to clean people's houses for a living at one time, but when it starts to pile up I just see it as never ending and don't want to touch it.

I only read a few journals and by this weekend they will be listed on my links page. I have noticed that several of them discuss their dreams. I find this fascinating. I've also noticed that most of the journal writers I read have cats. We are adding another feline to our family in September when my friend K-- gets married. Barney, our large gray tabby, has been with us for five years and is around nine years old. He is very laid back and I wonder how he is going to react to a spirited new kitty. Maybe I should start a webring for OJ Cat owners. Something to think about.


This afternoon after Jeff got home we were surprised with another job offer. The offer is from a high school and he is going to talk to them tomorrow. If he has the opportunity to teach upper level classes he may retract his name form the magnet school. Decisions, decisions.

Wild child is growing by leaps and bounds. Her speech is becoming clearer and she can say full coherent sentences. She is absorbing so much and it amazes me how fast she is learning. Today I had a conversation with her about using the potty.

"E--- do you want to start going to the big potty?" I asked.

"No mommy, no potty." Wild child said sternly.

"Do you want to wear diapers forever?" I asked jokingly.

"My diaper mommy, MINE!" she yelled at me.

"But don't you want to be a big girl and use the potty?"

"No potty, no big girl."

So I decided to drop it and go about packing when she approached me.

"Mommy, pee pee. Change me." She said tugging on my pants.

I changed her and went to packing when fifteen minutes later she came ian and announced "PooPoo in diaper."

Sure enough there was. I think its time to potty train whether she wants to keep those diapers or not.

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