June 13 -

I cooked myself yesterday at the beach. I hurt even in my sleep, my skin aches, and the slightest thing that touches the burned areas of my body makes it itch. Sunscreen. Don't forget the sunscreen. That guy is so right on that song "Class of 1999".

My friend Mickey came over last night and stayed till 2 am. We talked about all kinds of stuff, and watched Nick At Night. I don't believe I have ever written about her in my journal. For a long time she easily grated on my nerves. I've known her since 1992. I also didn't consider her a good friend until after Wild Child was born. I was always suspicious of her lying or manipulating me, mainly because she had once been V---'s friend and V--- always talk very low of her. Mickey has one of those lives that often seem unbelievable unless you knew her personally. She married a man who I fixed her up with, who left her both times she got pregnant, came back, admitted to sleeping with her childhood friend, then slept with one of her employees and knocked her up, and now that they are divorced he has had nothing to do with his children nor pays child support. That's only the tip of the iceberg.

Mickey has been there for me when it's been bad and ugly. I have no problem showing my emotions in front of her, I often had this problem with V---. Mickey has supported me in times when V--- was emotionally unavailable and I have always remembered that. Often V--- would tell me that I need not be friends with Mickey, because she was a lousy person to be friends with and that she just sucked the blood right out of me with all her problems. I often contemplated keeping the relationship at a distance, but then I would be reminded of how she was there for me during the ordeal with my brother and my pregnancy.

Mickey and I can laugh and cut up about things that me and V--- never could. Our mothers are a lot a like. Both our mom's stayed at home, were the earthy types, and had similar values and opinions. I have often called Mickey's mom for advice on child care to personal problems since my mom past away. We also have similar parenting philosophies, and our children are close in age.

Last night when she came by we talked about baby dolls. Wild child had her dolls out in the family room, that had once been mine. So we reminisced about owning this old Fisher Price doll named Mandy, and her friend Jenny. I happen to have two Mandys, one being in mint condition so I went and pulled her out while we laughed and talked about how they didn't make baby dolls like they used to. I also showed her my first baby doll - I received her on my first birthday, also from Fisher Price, but didn't recall her name, but she is in great condition. Then we got to talking about old television shows you just can't get enough of. The kind of show that no matter how many times you have seen it you will watch it any way. Some of the shows like that were I Love Lucy, Goodtimes, All in the Family, Little House on the Prairie, the Waltons, Happy Days, Andy Griffith Show, and the Jefferson's. There are some newer shows like that as well. I can watch reruns of Wings, Mad About You, Seinfield, Home Improvement, Mama's Family, Cheers, Everyone Loves Raymond, SisterSister, Cosby Show and A Different World. We also talked about television shows they should show reruns of that we were fans of, like Sisters, Christy, and Life Goes On.

May write later.