June 24, 1999

It's been an exciting day. Jeff got a job after all for the summer teaching summer school. In fact he got three offers in four hours time. Its amazing what happens when you just don't worry about it. I'm so glad he got a job too because he is about to drive me nuts since school ended.

*News Flash* Last night Jeff's father called, drunk as usual, and they spoke. They had not spoken in almost five months. After ten minutes Jeff made up some excuse to get off the phone. He said his dad sounded hurt that they hadn't talked in a while. Jeff acted really abrupt and just sat there while his dad rambled.

Packing is actually going pretty well. I have cleaned out all kinds of stuff and am looking forward to having a moving sale. I plan on using the money to accessorize the house and buy a freezer. My last moving sale I made over a $1000. I hope I can make half that this time. While I was busy cleaning out I found over twenty dollars in change. Jeff was shocked that we had that much money laying around the house in change. I haven't seen the house in a week, so I think I'll drive by and make sure they are correcting all the mistakes.

Today out of pure excitement I ordered several vacation guides to the Disney/Orlando area. I am all pumped up for this vacation. I know it is going to be a great trip. I plan on saving me some spending money. I already know that I want a hat and I want matching t-shirts for the whole family. This will be the first big vacation Jeff and I have ever took, so I want to really make it special, every moment of it.