June 4

Went by the house today. It is almost completed. The blinds are up, plumbing is all in and the power is on. Just a few more things need to be done on the inside and the yard needs to be sodded. I called the builder about the brick above the garage again and it supposed to be fixed next week. He said we should be in the house mid-July. I'm hoping for sooner.

I have had a migraine all day, the kind that nothing makes the pain go away. I hate those. I hardly ever get migraines that bad, but when I do I want to crawl in hole and die. Wild child was no help either. She wouldn't take a nap and kept trying to use me as a trampoline. By the time Jeff got in I was on very last nerve, so he decided to take me out to eat to Copeland's. One of the nicest restaurants in town.

I took a hot shower, got dressed and put my face on, while he got Wild Child ready. I was so excited that we were walking out of the house by 5:15, and were going to beat the dinner crowd. The wait at Copeland's is at least an hour on the weekends. We got there and were seated right away. Then Wild child decided to throw a fit. Screaming and bucking. Jeff took her outside to see if he could get her to be quiet. No such luck. After about 10 minutes he came back in and suggested we leave. I was horribly disappointed and very hungry.

When I have days like this I wonder if I can parent another child. I ask myself if I have totally lost my mind when it comes to us having another baby. Doubt encompasses me.

We drove around town for awhile so the Wild Child could settle down. We talked about the days events and the fact the school year will be over in another week. Finally we stopped at a Quincy's and ate dinner. Nothing like Copeland's but it was food. Wild child ate for free and had a great time, laughing and talking to her Teletubby she had brought. It was quite amusing. Afterwards we went and bought a refrigerator and washer and dryer set for the new house. Not to exciting but it was something that needed to be done.