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July 10, 1999 I can finally sleep. The thing is, my child will not allow me to sleep. This morning at six am, when normal children are still asleep in their beds, Wild Child got up and started talking incessantly and poking me with different objects. I laid in the bed hoping she would go away or that Jeff would get up and tend to her.

She climbed into bed with us, but not before grabbing my thermometer from the bed side table. Suddenly I felt something cold being poked at my mouth and nose. I barely opened my eyes when my daughter, in her brightest, perkiest voice squealed "MOMMY!" I closed my eyes wondering why the powers that be had sent me a morning person as a child. I took the thermometer from her to take my BBT and waited for the beep. I guess I should be happy that my daughter at the age of two is already learning one of the fundamentals to fertility awareness.


After I initially got up I was off and running around the house like a wild woman, chores needed to be done, the dog and cat needed to be fed, husband and child needed to be fed, and email needed to be answered. I was demanding that Jeff go ahead and get ready for the day, and reminded him that we had our dog obedience introductory class today. It was a battle to get Wild Child into her clothes, get her hair fixed and her shoes on, but the time I was finished getting her ready Jeff was ready to go and I was still in my night gown.

"Are you ready?" he asks looking straight at me.

"Does it look like I'm ready?" I asked sarcastically.

Sometimes I wonder if he is blind or stupid. I'm standing there with no bra on, no makeup, my hair is pulled up in a scrunchy and my nightgown and he thinks I look ready to  walk out the door. Luckily I'm not one of these high maintenance women who take two hours to get ready because they have to paint their faces and have the perfect hairdo. I just hop into the shower, do what needs to be done, and get out. It takes five minutes to put my makeup on and then I blow dry my hair, and then I'm ready to hop out the door.


I have a question. When you were in high school was there someone who was like your mortal enemy and you couldn't even remember why, or the reason was so stupid and immature it leaves you laughing to this day on how dumb it really was? Today I saw my mortal enemy from highschool at the dog obedience class. Its been eight years since I have seen Dana. Over the years I've heard through the grapevine what has been going on with her life because we have mutual friends. She also made some very rude comments to A--- about me one time at a restaurant. It was about my weight. She had seen me on the news (this was after my brother's death) and commented that I had really gotten fat. Dana had seen me in January of 97, I was eight months pregnant! Granted I haven't lost any weight since then but it still kinda pissed me off that she said something so rude and uncalled for.

So there I was at the dog obedience class and she comes in with an albino chihwawa. She was dressed like a hippie, which is cool, but all her hair had been chopped off and had a bad color job in it. She has put on a little weight too, but it actually makes her look better, she was always so thin and flat cheated. Supposedly she got married a year or so ago. I kept sitting there thinking about what I was going to do, to speak or not to speak. I decided to force her to talk to me.

"Hey Dana," I called out as the class started to dissipate.

"Hey," she replied a bit surprised.

"How old is your dog?" I asked in my most cheerful voice.

"Seven months old."

"Mine too."

"What kind of dog do you have?" She asked.

"A lab," I replied. " Looks like we are going to be in this class together."

"Yeah, I guess it does." I don't believe she was all too happy about that.

Hopefully she has matured enough to get past the pettiness of highschool.

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I went shopping today and bought three new outfits, all dresses. the sale was so good, 50-70% off, that I plan on returning Sunday to buy a few more outfits. I asked why everything was so cheap and was told it was because the fall stuff will be arriving soon.

Fall??? We don;t have fall here on the Gulfcoast, we are still wearing shorts and dodging hurricanes!

At the new house the yard was sodded. Hopefully it will rain a good bit before we move in so the grass will stay green.