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July 17, 1999

Time To Ourselves


Listening to Alanis Morissette.

Reading books on how to give a bridal shower.


Watching the news reports on the JFK Jr. plane crash.


I'm making german chocolate brownies. Mmmm!


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Yesterdays Entry

Review of Eyes Wide Shut

Last night Jeff and I went out for the first time alone since May 8th. If you recall that was the last time V--- babysat for us. Though it had only been two months since we had a night to ourselves, it fell like longer. I called my sister-in-law (MsEm's mom) and asked if she could Wild Child earlier in the week, she agreed and so I made plans for the two of us.

I asked Jeff to dress nicely for our date. "No blue jeans," I told him. I get sick of seeing him in blue jeans and would like to see him wearing a nice pair of casual slacks when we go out. I wore this long purple sleeveless dress, with a white cardigan and wore my hair down just the way he likes it.

Jeff gave me some resistance in seeing Eyes Wide Shut with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. The whole way to the theater I was literally begging and pleading for us to see the film. I was tempting him with the preview I had seen and told him their would be sultry, sexy love scenes in it. He relentlessly agreed.

Once inside the theater we cuddled in our seats, holding hands and whispering about the different aspects of the movie. He told me that Alice (played by Nicole Kidman) argued like me, and flirted like me. We whispered back and forth about the artwork shown in the movie and the marble floors. Behind us sat two middle aged ladies who constantly badgered the movie and how they didn't understand the plot. I was tempted to turn around and tell them to read the book, but didn't.

Afterwards, we headed to Copeland's to eat. We talked about the movie, the reality of it, and the intrigue. Once we were seated, we began talking about the new house and how earlier in the day I had bitched the builder out. There is going to be another delay, and our new closing date is August fourth. I was telling Jeff how bad I was wanting to move, and to move on with our lives, past the grief and sickness that has plagued us the last three and a half years. That house holds a lot of symbolism for me and moving on to the next phase of our life.

Not once over dinner did we discuss Wild Child or having another baby. It really pleases me that we can be the best of friends and our thoughts and conversations do not have to center around our child or his work. Most couples I know have their lives centered around their children and when they go out alone or spend time with other adults the conversation seems to circulate around the children. It is as if they have nothing else in common. I feel blessed that after six years of marriage Jeff and I can sit for hours and talk about our interests and still be intrigued.

After dinner we went home, to make love, and sleep,without the disturbance of the pitter patter of little feet and the voice of our little girl calling for us.

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