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July 7, 1999 Did I mention that I have been suffering from insomnia? I've been averaging three hours of sleep a night for the past few weeks. I go to bed around three a.m. and usually don't fall asleep until four, then I am up again around seven. I'm not feeling tired at all, but my body is starting to ache. For some reason though I feel that my writing has improved and I am getting more inspiration for different writing materials than before. Maybe the lack of sleep is forcing my brain to pull from the 90% we don't use.


Today while I was driving to the grocery store I got a great idea for a writing project to add to the journal. I'm going to call it "Moments to Remember" and its going  to be recollections of my childhood. I've been having memories of things that happened in my child hood and I'd like to start keeping a record of them. Now that my mother is gone and my brother, I don't have the resources I once had to my childhood history. I have a pretty good memory about certain events and I will be writing those in sequence, but as more memories are recovered I will go ahead and document them while they are fresh in my mind. I may even post some pictures from my child hood.

The grocery store was a mad house. I realized after walking into the Wal-Mart Supercenter that I had forgotten my list. So the Wild Child and I just cruised different aisles. This was not a wise idea. I noticed that they were putting out school supplies and half a row was nothing but CRAYOLA products. I love CRAYOLA! I've been trying to get my hands on the new modeling clay they just came out with and when I saw it on the shelf I decided to buy several packets of it for the Wild Child and I to play with. I also bought their new markers for toddlers, colored pencils, scissors, paints, glue and this adorable Crayola smock.

If you are wondering why I didn't buy any crayons, its because I bought 25 - 24 crayon packs last year, 1 - 48 crayon packs, and 2- 64 crayon packs. I gave 20 of the 24 packs out to trick-or-treaters last year in their goody bags. The others were given as gifts, and the two 64 count boxes I kept, one for Wild Child and one for me. Did I mention love to color? Well I do! I have all kinds of coloring books and I find it reduces stress. If you ever want to send me a gift, you know what you can get me.



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Fact: Human beings only use about 10% of their brain or less.

Listening to Everything But the Girl
Tonight on my way to pottery I saw two cows mating. I can't seem to get the image out of my head.
I haven't had sex in 16 days.
Our new closing date on the house is July 22. Our builder is going to sue for damages. This was not the first time the two white boys had done this.
If you haven't joined the notify list, why not?