The Countdown

October 1, 1999

In case you didn't know Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. I think part of the reason it is one of my favorite holidays is because growing up we were not allowed to celebrate it. My mother was a good baptist, and good baptist folks do not allow ther children to dress up and go trick or treating. Instead you go to church for a "fall festival" while all your friends wear cool costumes and get lots of candy. I swore to myself that when I got older I woudl enjoy Halloween to the fullest. Every year I have made a tradition of having a very large Halloween party the day of and inviting all of our friends and family. I spend days cooking appetizers and desserts and the night before Halloween I cook a huge pot of my famous chili.

During the month of October I decorate for my annual event and prepare goody bags for each and every child that comes to the party. I try to find the most perfect pumpkins to carve too. Each year I drive over an hour to Burris Farm Market to pick out the pumpkins and on occasion if I find really nice looking pumkins I will purchase them at the grocery store. Just this morning I picked out two really nice size pumpkins from the Walmart with great looking stems. I've already got an idea for what will be carved into those two.

This year Elizabeth will be Eeyore from the Winnie the Pooh series. She really likes the Pooh characters and even though I am partial to home-ade costumes I believe this one will look really cute on her. I never wear a costume. I dress in a pair of jeans and flannel shirt and go around making sure everyone is having a good time. Next year I hope to have the whole street involved with a Halloween party. By then all the homes would have been built and everyone settled in. My dream is to have a huge block party with little kids in costumes running all about.


Today I ran around trying to finish up my errands. Tonight is the rehearsal and I am already nervous about how Elizabeth will do tonight and tomorrow. I'm hoping she will be a little angel and not grow horns. She has not ever been to church or a wedding so this should be quite interesting. I'm curious to see how she behaves. Luckily the bride is very laid back and knows that small children often do interesting things during the wedding ceremony. I hope everyone will keep their fingers crossed that Elizabeth does well!

I also would like to publicly send congratulations to Stasi of Covet What Is Mine on her pregnancy! I hope she has a wonderful, uneventful nine months. I will be following her progress to see how things go and to see if Daniel's dream is correct, will their baby be a boy?

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