Under The Moon

"Have you met the one?"

Absolutely! or at least I like to think I have. There were times when I didn't think Jeff was the "one" but after six years of marriage I am convinced that he is the right man for me.

Before Jeff came into my life I had been in a long term relationship that resulted in me swearing that I would never make the same mistakes with a man again. I wanted to be with someone honest and loyal, that who would love me for me. I knew my judgement wasn't very good when it came to the men in my life so I decided to come up with a list of qualities that I wanted in a man and if he did not meet nine out of ten I would stop dating them in six weeks. I committed myself to sticking to my plan and for six months and I did.

The List

1. A nice ass, and under six foot

2. Comes from a small town and a large family

3. Educated and goal oriented

4. Honest

5. Musician

6. Athletic

7. Interesting and intelligent conversations

8.Good in bed

9. A Christian

10. Wanted Children

In college "the list" became a joke as I dated man after man. Some of them did not even last more than a few dates. I did date guy one two months, only to dump him because he did not meet 4, 6, 7, and 8 on the list. A week after breaking it off with a guy at the six week mark because he just met two on the list and enjoyed smoking weed then spending time with me, I met Jeff.

Jeff and I met at work. From the first moment I saw him I wanted to go out with him, but nothing I did got him to notice me. In fact we barely spoke. Once when we were all having to roll out beignets I listened to him talk about being an atheist and how he had no interest in having a girlfriend or ever getting married. Damn, I thought, there goes nine and ten, but I found him fascinating and wanted to go out with him at least once. Jeff met several qualifications form the list, so I though a few dates wouldn't hurt. He was from a very small town, population four hundred, and was from a large family. He played in a jazz band (the trombone) and the symphony, and was getting a BS in Education but wanted to go on to grad school to study numerical analysis. (what the hell is that I thought?) No matter how much I flirted I couldn't get him to ask me out, so I had to do something totally outrageous.

How does showing up at work half naked sound outrageous to you?

Sex appeal. I had it and I used it, so I showed up to work wearing an outfit like Sharon Stone. It got his attention, and the next day he asked me out. Our first date was wonderful and romantic and we saw each other almost everyday after it. It wasn't long before we ended up making love and that I realized that he met nine out of ten. He had everything I wanted in a man minus the religion. Which has turned out for the best, since I have rejected Christianity. Six weeks and three days into our relationship Jeff asked me to marry him, and I did not hesitate in saying yes.