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Okay, so I have been a little busy and have been neglecting my OLJ now  for a month. Not only have I been neglecting this I've been neglecting to read the journals I read too. I hope I can get back into the swing of things now that I am now a little more settled into the new house. This is going to be on of those entries that is going to recap the last few weeks of my life. I alot to say. Get a drink, a snack and turn on the radio.

The Neighbors

I have got to tell you about my neighbors and since my life has become quite a circus since moving in here and so many more people are entering my life I am going to have to get my character page in place so none of you will get lost.

"The Beaters" - This couple takes the cake. They are in their early twenties and have a daughter 3 and a son 1. They are house poor and owe money to everyone this side of the Mississippi. they spank their children all the time, and they still act like heathens. They told all our neighbors that they were not going to help pay to put up a fence on either side of their yard because they wanted it for free. guess what, we will not being putting up a fence until they are willing to pay half.

"The Cool Couple" - This couple is really cool. She is 35 and he is 28 and they are expecting their first baby. They live at the end of the street and have a cute little dog named Rocky that Wild Child loves. Their baby is due Oct. 25 and are expecting a boy.

"The Gun Man" - Well this guy is a nut. He has an automatic rifle and has pulled it out threatening to shoot people. the cops have been called twice on him. He has also had the police visit his house for domestic violence. He is our neighborhood thief. We see him stealing stuff off the construction sites all the time and he is even building a storage house out of the materials he has stole. Quite a character.

"The Dentist and Hygienist" -  these are the newest neighbors to the street. He just graduated from school, and she just had their first child together. She is a stay at home mom and has a son from a previous marriage. Her parents are rich and bought mostly everything in there house for them. They seem like a really cute couple and out going.

The Dog

Indigo is gone. I gave her away two weeks ago. I was a terrible dog owner and I started to really resent her. I gave her to one of the construction workers who hunts and fishes. Our yard wasn't fenced so she was on a tie out and she would get tangled up in it all the time. we were spending more time with her and even going to obedience training but she was digging holes, chewing wood off the house and ate my screens. The final straw was when she broke our grill and chewed the handles off. I'd like to say we miss her but we don't. I have resolved myself to being a cat person.

Getting Pregnant

I'm not going to be the only damn person on the street not having a baby! I have an appointment with my regular doctor the 20th and then its on to the RE. I hope that I can get pregnant without help between now and then. We are actively trying. My husband told me the other day he felt like a piece of meat because I just use him for sex. Really I just want his sperm. =)

This is just the highlights. There is more to come.

The Gossip