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January 4, 1999

I didn't feel like getting out of the bed this morning. I got up, strolled around the house butt naked fixing Elizabeth her breakfast and turned on the TV then went back to bed. Eventually it was time for me to get up and get started on my day. I did some light cleaning, made a seven layer dip, and then sat down to see if I could figure out how to crochet. I didn't get very much accomplished at all yesterday. That means tomorrow I must get my ass in gear and at least make some effort to get my to do list done.

Mrs. Cool's baby is very sick with RSV and is in the hospital. I went up there to visit them and the baby was under a oxygen tent. I felt so bad for him and the parents. After I got home she called to tell me that he was going to have to get a IV and that he had broken out in a viral rash. Hopefully things will start getting better than worse.

Yesterday my sister called to let me know that her second test for Lupus came out positive. This really scares the shit out of me. She is 31, extremely obese and under a huge amount of stress, and from what I have read she can die from this. She asked me to do some research for her on the net but I'm not sure if I want to know all about this disease and how it slowly kills people. I'm hoping that she is willing and going to follow through on losing weight and eating better, because so far from what I have read diet and exercise play a major role in the treatment of this disease.

Something happened with Stacy the past twenty-four hours that was kind of distressing but on the funny side as well. During the Christmas holidays she met a guy here in town that she had a fling with ( I mean she FUCKED this guy). Well, the guy she has been dating just happen to come across her journal and read about her cheating on him with this guy, not once but three times. She wrote an entry responding to his discovery, and damn is it good.

In some ways I'm afraid of my journal being discovered by people who know me. It has almost been a year since I started the journal and even though I use my real name no one I know has discovered it yet (or that is willing to admit it). I think part of this is due to luck. Most my neighbors are computer and interent illiterate, and most my family has no time to get on the computer to really spend the time tracking it down. I know one day though I will get that dreaded email or phone call and on the other end will be soem relative, friend or neighbor askign me why, and I will sit there fubbling for words.

Thanks to all of you who recently joined the notify list. If you have not yet signed up for the notify list, please do, it will make me very happy, and who knows, you may get something out of it too!




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