Under The Moon

Rites of Passage     October 25, 1999

What a great concert! The Indigo Girls were awesome last night and I really enjoyed hearing their new stuff, especially a very political song about Faye Tucker who died in the electric chair in Texas and the song Trouble. I will be adding the new CD to my Christmas list.

The concert was at the new Mitchell Center at the University of South Alabama. I have to say the Mitchell Center is a beautiful and modern facility that is to host the universities basketball games and over venues, but I believe it was a waste of money and that the money could have been used in other areas on the school's campus. The Indigo Girls was the first venue the facility had and I was disappointed that only about 1200 people were there. Those of us who were there seemed to be all excited fans. We all stood for the majority of the concert, cheering and singing and clapping not to mention some dancing, all but Jeff, who stood reserved, with no emotion on his face. I believe this was the first time he had ever heard any of their music.

The opening band, Three Finger Cowboy, I could have done without. I'm hoping that it was just a night off for them. The band sounded great but the chic singing vocals was not only hard to understand, her voice was irritating. Jeff was sitting next to me cringing and I think he was beginning to regret buying us the tickets. Some of the college students seemed to like them, so maybe that is the sound that generation is into.

Now on to the more interesting and thought provoking observations of my evening.

Eighty percent of the people at the concert were lesbians. As we were walking in Jeff was starting to think he might be the only man there, or straight man attending. I assured him that there would be other straight men at the concert. Once we got to our seats, Jeff commented that he felt like he was at a lesbian meat market. I have to say the place was full of openly gay women, which did not bother me in the least. Being bi-sexual does have some advantages, one of them being that openly gay relationships do not bother you and secondly you get to check out not only the guys but the girls as well. At least no one hit on me, I told him once we were in the car. The last concert we went to, a woman tried to pick me up right in front of Jeff, he got kind of pissed and just blurted out that we were married. I guess I need to wear a wedding ring to let people know I'm taken.

While I was at the concert I was reminded of what I want to be, the kind of person I want to be, and what I want to do with my life besides being a mother and a wife. As I have aged I've become more a feminist and I want to pursue those ideas more through writing and/or activism. Going about that is what stumps me. I often feel out of place out here in the burbs being a stay at home mom, and when I talk to other women, especially feminist and those in the movement I feel out of place. At the concert I picked up a copy of Ms. magazine and before going to bed read it cover to cover. The writing was great, and I was intrigued with almost all of the articles. I'm thinking of subscribing and also looking up some local groups I might can get involved in.

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