Under the Moon

And Then There Were Six    October 24,1999

I have a terrible headache. I can barely keep my eyes open and my ears are ringing. Nothing seems to help it either. I'm not sure if my head hurts is because I was drinking last night or due to the incredible weather change here. In case you do not keep up with the weather in my part of the country, it is cold here, at least cold for us Gulf Coast Southerners.It was 38 degrees here last night, and that is an unusual temperature in October for us. WE usually do not get 38 degree weather until December or early January.

I didn't realize it until last night that I really do not have very many winter clothes. This week I hope to get out and see if I can purchase some stuff and I also need shoes. Elizabeth has a few things for Fall type weather but only a few outfits for the kind of weather we are experiencing right now. I may head to Parisians tomorrow and see if they are having any sales.


Last night, the Cools had several of us over to watch the World Series, the Tyson fight, and to have drinks. While we were there the Dentist's wife found a small black kitten, that was the same size and had similar problems as the two kitties at my house, so since I have a nursing momma cat guess who now has her sixth cat? Jeff didn't even notice the little all black kitten until this morning asking me where the hell it came from. We have so many, what is the harm of adding one more?

Elizabeth was pretty good last night at the Cool's, except for one minor incident in which she threw the ball at Mr. Cool, their dog Rocky, and their new baby. Thankfully Mr. Cool has quick reflexes and caught the ball. I do not believe Elizabeth threw the ball to hurt anyone, especially the baby but I told her that wasn't a nice thing to do and put the ball up for the rest of the night. I then deeply apologized. I'm wondering if Mr.Cool is having second thoughts on me keeping the baby, especially after that. I guess I will find out in the next few weeks, but so far she has only looked into one daycare and she isn't even on the waiting list and that place could be filled at any time.

We had a nice evening out though, to say the least. We all sat around drinking and talking while the game was on. So far we all seem to get along pretty well, and have a great time together. Jeff and I also gave the Cools their baby gift, it was a Curious George Book(the collection of all the stories) and I had wrote a nice note, plus gave me them several rolls of film. Mrs. Cool kept hugging me and saying how nice it was, and she also thanked me for everything I had done for her the last few weeks. I was touched.


Tonight I am going to see the Indigo Girls in concert. I haven't heard much of their new stuff so this is going to be a real treat for me. Jeff is not at all interested in them but he bought me the tickets several weeks a go when he heard they were coming to town. I was a little surprised. This will be the first time we have gone out alone in quite sometime. Stacy is going to baby-sit for us. I'm sure she will have a good time with Elizabeth and playing with all my little kitties. I may write a late night entry about tonight when I come in, if I'm not too tired or actually going to have sex or something. Jeff and I haven't had sex in so long (three weeks) I feel like I am about to go nuts. This is one of the longest stretches we have ever gone, minus the end of my pregnancy and post partum. Of course my period this month was 12 days long, and this past week he has been studying and writing papers and there really hasn't been any time to do it. I'll never get pregnant at this rate.

Speaking of pregnancy, if you remember, I told you about my friend Andra who is trying to get pregnant -- well on Friday she called to tell me that she is indeed pregnant again. I hope all goes well for her this time around. Her due date is the same weekend she had the miscarriage, kind of spooky huh?

Also, some disappointing news, Howard Stern and his wife Allison are separated. This really disappoints me, because I really like him and I really enjoyed reading Private Parts and seeing the movie. I'm wondering what happen, because they said that they are remaining friends and that the separation was amicable. The report also stated that they were not getting a divorce at this time. I hope they have a reconciliation.

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