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The Small Things     10.31.99

I love Halloween. It has to be my favorite Holiday. I spend 364 days a year planning for this one night of celebration. All through the year I think of the foods I am going to fix, the Jack-o-lantern patterns I am going to carve, and the goodies I will give to the children when they come and say "trick or treat" at my door. For the last five years I have had a party, cooking my "Set Your Ass On Fire Chili". It's a tradition that I hope to carry on for a long time. This year it was not as big as it normally is and that is mainly because we just moved but we easily had thirty people. The food was wonderful, though I may be a little prejudice.

A list of things I cooked: Two batches of chili, one with beans and one without, four pumpkin pies, nine dozen chocolate chip cookies, spinach dip, onion dip, ranch dip and I made begin trays and cheese trays. And before you ask, I did make it all from scratch.

Before guests started to arrive we dressed Elizabeth in her Eeyore costume. She was soooo excited to put it on and didn't mind wearing the hood. I took pictures of her, lots of pictures actually. She was so cute and all you could see was her face. Jeff and I both laughed with delight as she waddled around the house singing Winnie the Pooh songs.

Everyone seemed to have a good time at the party. The Cools brought their new baby and every one ooed and ahhed over him. My friend Kathy told me off to the side that she thinks she could be pregnant again, the youngest child is only six months old. The Beaters came, and brought her mother, and both their children were dressed up as Tigger. My sister's little boys acted wild as usual. Mickey came with her ex-husband, and I think everyone was shocked. It looks as if they are getting back together. Stacy brought Eddie with her. If you are keeping up with her journal you may have more insight than I have on that situation. (I do not read her entries unless I have permission.)

This year was the first year I actually took my child Trick or Treating. The past two years, MsEm's mom, had taken her. I took the camera along. Elizabeth would stand at the door of the house and hold out her pumpkin bucket and say in this little meek voice "trick or treat". I took pictures as people dropped candy into her bucket. It was misting rain, but overall we had a wonderful time taking her house to house. We never let her have candy so she was really thrilled to be receiving all her goodies.

Once we were home she sat on the floor and decided to plunder through her bucket of goodies. She first unwrapped a Blow Pop, and decided that after sucking on it just a few times she didn't like it and laid it on the floor. Then she tried out Tootsie Rolls, and decided she didn't like them either. Finally she opened up a package of Skittles and devoured them. When it was time for bed Elizabeth didn't want to take off her costume. After Jeff got it off of her, she started crying and petting the costume, like we had killed it or something. I kept telling her that we could wear it again but that it was time for bed. We got her dressed in the cutest pajamas that Jeff's mother bought her and read her a story.

I hope Elizabeth will remember tonight, it was one of those nights when everything was perfect and happy.

After she was fast asleep Jeff and I spent some much needed time together. We talked about taking a vacation alone, which he thinks we can't afford. I'm going to look into finding some place for us to go for a few days after the first of the year that is affordable. We also talked about having another baby, and how we hoped it happens soon. There are two pregnant couples pregnant on our street, two who just had babies, and Andra who is building the house behind our street is now pregnant. If Kitty is pregnant too, than Rebecca, who is not ready to have children, is going to think their is something in the water.

Happy Halloween!







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