I'm having to write this entry in notepad because my FrontPage is screwed up. I'm really aggravated with using FrontPage and Tripod and I am about ready to get my own domain and learn HTML, which I really need to do anyway. I've been working on getting the correct opening page to my journal uploaded, not to mention new entries and collaborations. Right now I don't have the money in the budget to get my own domain, but I recently applied for my own credit card and if that has got to be the way I go about finding funds for my own site then so be it. I would probably leave a good deal of my archives behind on tripod because I'm not sure if I'm ready for that big of a move yet. I'm just rambling here so please forgive me.

Let's get to the highlights of my day.

I finally got a hold of Bobbi tonight on the phone. Jeff and Elizabeth were both gone and I decided not to go to pottery, so I called her. I wasn't really nervous at all. I kind of had feelings that she was an old friend I hadn't talked to in awhile. When you've been reading someone's journal for about six months or longer you start to develop this strange sense of knowing even though you have never met them in real life. I have to say that Bobbi came across just like she does in her journal, and I really liked that. We talked for two hours, and there wasn't once one of those long pauses where we wondered what we would talk about next. I probably could have chatted with her all night but we both have children and husbands to tend to.

In case I haven't mentioned it before I have NEVER met anyone from online so when I get to meet Bobbi in two weeks I will no longer be a virgin in this department. I have talked to a few people from online on the telephone, but in the three years I have been surfing the net and visiting chat rooms I have never met anyone. I'm really excited, in case you couldn't tell.

Today was a long day for me. I got up ready to conquer my to do list, when I kept meeting obstacle after obstacle. At Target my credit card was denied not once but twice. I was really aggravated because I knew the card was no where near the credit limit, so I wrote a check, something I really didn't want to do. As soon as I got home I called the credit card company to have them the customer service lady tell me she could not talk to me because I wasn't authorized to use the card. Bull Shit. So when Jeff came home not only did he bless them out for denying me credit at Target but for not adding me to the card.(he had spoke to them twice about authorizing me to use it) Come to find out it was a simple misunderstanding that is going to be resolved in the next couple of days.

Jeff will be home from work tomorrow so I'm going to take full advantage of him. I've got a long list of things that need to be done so I will be putting him to work. Mainly there is laundry to do and the rearranging of our closet.

Something else I have been doing lately, reading more journals. I currently only read seven but three of them are on hiatus and another one rarely updates, so I have been looking for new reads. I'm currently reading the archives of The Book of Rob and I am really enjoying his writing style and what he has to say. He reminds me of Jeff, in fact he reminds me of Jeff so much it's scary. Rob has a lot more hair though. (poor Jeff is losing his) I even got some ideas from his music section for Christmas presents for Jeff. Another thing that Jeff and Rob have in common is the trombone. Jeff is not a journal reader but I'm mailing him the link to Rob's journal because I think he can relate to him. I'm not sure if he will have the time to read any of it between work and grad school but you never can tell.

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