Under The Moon


Last night I had a dream that was really strange, and I would like to share it with all of you.

The dream was in a school house, but mostly everyone was college age, the only people I knew were my dead relatives but the other people in the dream were very familiar to me. My cats were in the dream as well, roaming all over the school house and my Aunt Bonnie and Granddaddy kept telling me I needed to leave and go to the beach. Several times in the dream I changed my clothes, once during a lecture a professor was giving and then another time when someone swore I had their pants on. Let me also mention that I was at my wedding date weight, so I was looking pretty good. My mother kept going up and down the halls of the school pushing a stroller full of babies, they looked more like fetuses and sounded like cats, she was wearing clothes like a new age guru too. For some reason everyone was trying to leave the school, only to meet obstacle after obstacle, and my only concern was trying to get the kittens that had somehow jumped out of my backpack. I finally caught them and then I was automatically outside of the school building but some of my family members and friends were still in there, so I let the kittens go, dropped my back pack and headed in the front door of the school to be knocked down by a bunch of bones. The bones were filling the school and pouring out the front door and everytime I tried to get in, more bones poured out the front door.

Then I woke up to Elizabeth telling me she wanted breakfast.


Last night I tried talking to Jeff about some of the things I mentioned in yesterdays entry. I would love to tell everyone it was real productive but the only thing on his mind was having sex, but I did manage to talk to him about some of the things I'm feeling about the relationship. He said that I was being hormonal and that I've just been stressed because he has been gone so much this past semester and that next semester he is going to be home a lot more. He also said that he only plans to take one class this summer which should free up a good bit of his time. I'm was pretty sure Jeff was oblivious to what was going on, but now I am positive.



I spent the entire day waiting on Mrs. Cool and Mrs. Beater to decide on whether or not we were going to the Junior League's Christmas Jubilee downtown. I would have gone by myself but Mrs. Cool said she really wanted to go since she had never been before. The Christmas Jubilee is packed with art, crafts, and gifts from around our area and usually has better quality merchandise then the average arts and crafts show. Last year Jeff and I went but he hates to do that kind of thing. Especially since its mostly women making mad dashes from booth to booth grabbing at stuff. This year I wanted to have some female companionship and thought my new found neighbors would be fun to go with. So I got ready to go and sat here for hours only to be told one thing, while they each did another. After five o'clock approached I figured they were not interested in going and so I told Jeff to gather up the kid and we would go out to eat and to Barnes and Nobles. On my way out I stopped by Rebecca's and asked if she wanted to go to the Christmas Jubilee and we set a time of eleven for tomorrow morning, so hopefully I will be going after all.


Elizabeth slept our entire dinner, so Jeff and I were able to talk a great deal and not have to worry about entertaining her. For the first half of the meal I talked about Rob and how much he and Jeff had in common. Jeff has made the comment me to me several times how hard it is to find people who have similar interests as he does, so when I told Jeff about Rob he was completely intrigued. I think at first he thought I was making it up, especially when I told him that Rob was agnostic too. So Jeff wants the link to Rob's site and he even said he was going to email him about something that had to do with playing the trombone. (this was after I told him about Rob and Interlochen) Rob is probably reading this thinking I have become some online stalker, but I have spent the last few days reading all his archives, and I can't get over how much alike he and Jeff are, even down to the cars they used to drive ( Honda CRX, Jeff's was white ).

I think I'll shut up now.

Anyway, Jeff and I had a really great talk at dinner about us and spending more time together. He also promised me that he was going to slow down, and not stress so much over grad school. We are booth really looking forward to our upcoming Orlando trip, where there will be no worries from our every day lives.



















































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