11.20.99 Day One

I was pleasantly surprised that the ten hour road drive to Orlando didn't leave me pulling my hair out or sneaking some cigarettes. For the first half of the drive I hardly noticed that Elizabeth and MsEm were in the backseat. My sister-in-law and I talked incessantly for most of the trip about the family, her boyfriend, and our plans for the next week.

Once we arrived in Orlando the children were ready to get out of the car and run wild. We got lost trying to find the house we rented but once we were there we realized the house wasn't exactly what we had anticipated. My sister and I both were able to speak to the management and complain but not much was done to rectify the problem. The place we rented from did not give us what they had advertised on their website or what they had told me on the phone, there were ants all over the kitchen, not to mention the many other problems we had upon our arrival.To say the least I was disappointed, even though it was a nice enough house for the price, but I had recommended the place to Bobbi and didn't want her to be disappointed.

So far I have unpacked everything and have my backpack ready for tomorrow. The women folk are headed to the grocery store and then I'm off to sleep.

   Things We Saw On The Road:

Lake City, FL                          "C'mon over and bring the kids." -God

Two hitch hikers

Lots of road kill

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